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Re: [duerst@w3.org: Re: Privacy Watchdog and internationalization]

From: Rolf H. Nelson <rnelson@tux.w3.org>
Date: Fri, 30 Oct 1998 17:35:33 -0500
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Thanks for your comments, Martin.  I folded a couple of your comments
into the paper; then I added a link to your message in the future work section.

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    > Hello Rolf,

    > I have read your paper on Privacy Watchdog. I'm not really sure
    > what I should think about the overall approach, but I'm not a
    > specialist in privacy issues. I thought that a success rate of
    > 50% looks like both being rather low to be satisfactory, but
    > also like being easy to do quite a bit better.
I've gotten this feedback before about the 50%, so I'll raise the bar
to 80%.

    > What you should also add to the search are more equivalents of
    > the same thing in the same language. For example, the term
    > "first name" is very popular in the US, but because different
    > parts of the world arrange names in different orders, it's
    > somewhat inappropriate in an international context. Usually,
    > "given name" is suggested (I think our meeting registration
    > forms are also now updated to this). So you should also check
    > for this.

Based on my unscientific sampling, it does look like almost all the US
sites except for ours that I have seen use first name and last name
rather than the more internationalized given name and family name.
But, perhaps this will change in the future as people give more
attention to internationalization issues.

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