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Errata: W3C Patent Policy

From: Andrew Cates <Andrew.Cates@sos-uk.org.uk>
Date: Thu, 10 Feb 2005 15:30:13 -0000
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Couple of Errata on this document 


In Section 4.1 paragraph 2 the text refers to a "final recommendation"
whereas the document referred to (W3C Process Document) does not
anywhere use the term a "final recommendation".  I think "final
recommendation" should be replaced with "W3C recommendation". As the
(W3C Process) document makes clear, W3C recommendations are not really
"final" as they are capable of being modified. Their nature is
"official" not "final" so I think the W3C language is better. 


I also think that to be consistent with the first paragraph which refers
the first public working draft to 7.4.1, W3C recommendation should be
referred to 7.4.4. Of course, 7.1.1 is a list of all the stages but
7.4.X is the specific section for advancing through each stage.   


Andrew Cates

http://catesfamily.org.uk <http://catesfamily.org.uk/> 

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