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proposal for participatory financial tranfer

From: joshua dongoyaro <jdongo1@hotmail.com>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 09:21:32 +0000
To: 3cd80755.6b01f228@sun.com
Message-ID: <BAY7-F60kiZrAEXCUOG0000d5de@hotmail.com>

Dear Sir,

I write to seek your cooperation as my foreign partner and your assistance 
to enable me to own a property and invest in the stable economy of your 
country. I apologise if this mail does not suit your personal or business 

My names are Joshua Dongoyaro.  I am making this venture proposal to you in 
strict confidence.

The money we want to invest was acquired from contract proceed as the
chairman of the financial committee on contract's verification and payment 
(foreign and local). (Contract Review Panel, CRP.)

The amount in question is $31.320,000.00 Million US dollars. Due to the 
prudential policies of my country (Nigeria), a civil servant is forbidden to 
operate foreign account. This is the reason we require a foreigner to front 
for us  as the owner of the funds. The modalities will be worked out, by 
which, this fund will be legally transfered into your account by the 
financial authorities of my country.

If you will like to assist me as a partner, then indicate your interest 
after which we shall both discuss on the modalities.

All other information to facilitate the remittance of the funds will be 
revealed to you in due course. For your assistance, we will also discuss on 
the sharing patternb.
We will like my proposal to be kept confidential because of what I explained 
above and you can reach me urgently on my e-mail.

My contact telephone number will be revealed to you as we progress, I can 
always call you if necessary, for now we can be contacting through email.

Best regards,
Joshua Dongoyaro

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