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Re: [CarmsMichaelTWeissGroup] In the Hole

From: Eda <eda@gomab.ee>
Date: Mon, 8 Sep 2003 16:08:22 +0300
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To: <CarmsMichaelTWeissGroup@yahoogroups.com>
Oh boy(QL), poor you,I remember those school floors, seems to be that they aren't different anywhere... at least you have you're doc Cutie :))

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  Definitely a slow process, but, I hope it is going
  well.  I have an appointment with Dr. Cutie today --
  it was suppose to be my last one, but, I slipped on
  the office floor at school -- it had been raining. 
  And landed on my behind, after twisting my knee.  So,
  we shall see.

  I love my classes.  I am able to teach instead of
  contantly discipline -- which is good, because i have
  to do enough of that at home..lol   Tim is testing his
  "boundaries" -- plus, I am sure that the divorce is
  effecting him.

  I understand about August.  Things just got very busy
  here also.  I hope your mom and Jesse are doing
  better.  Will have to plan another time.

  Have a wonderful week.  Hope you are enjoying your new

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