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Re: [DMCA_Discuss] Microsoft's Patent Problem

From: tom poe <tompoe@amihost.com>
Date: 26 Jul 2003 00:51:13 -0700
To: usenet@openstandards.net
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Hi:  DRM is important for music and movies on the Internet.  Critical?

That depends on the Gatekeeper issue.  Will the Internet bifurcate into
Internet for the masses, and Internet for commercial?  Some talk about
Internet One being a mess for decades to come, because it won't
bifurcate.  Internet Two, Internet2 as it's called, already is
flourishing, thanks to taxpayer dollars thought to be going to computers
in schools.  Only, they forgot to mention, schools means universities,
government agencies, and a select handful of multi-national

Now, in recent months, Open Source development has caught up with the
big boys, and you and I can make high quality CD's, DVD's, and don't
have to rely on DRM for distribution.  Digital Age business models leave
the RIAA, Sony, M$, and the rest of them to wallow in their
patent/copyright/trademark disputes.

Hope they have fun spending billions of investor dollars among
Tom Poe
Open Studios
Reno, NV
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