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Current patent policy proposal.

From: Peter M. Eggers <Peter.M.Eggers@attbi.com>
Date: 03 Apr 2003 12:53:48 -0800
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
Message-Id: <1049403227.24439.17.camel@rover.home>

I do not pretend to have read the new proposal in detail, or have a
desire to do so.  There is just too much going on in my life and not
enough time for it all.  I am taking the time to write you, because it
has come to my attention that your new proposal is not GPL compatible. 
I may not be an Internet developer, but I am a heavy Internet user.  I
am not against proprietary technology, except when it comes to standards
and infrastructure.  Any standard that cannot be implemented by GPLed
software, should NEVER be allowed!  I look at it the same way as having
to buy a patented oil for my car from a properly licensed business.  I
don't mind buying a patented accessory, as long as it attaches using an
OPEN standard (i.e. patent free bolts with a standard diameter and
thread count).

Let me reiterate my position:  I am TOTALLY AGAINST any standard that
cannot be implemented with GPL software!  No ifs, ands, buts, or corner
cases.  Period!

Peter M. Eggers
Internet User &
Business Systems Developer
Received on Thursday, 3 April 2003 17:57:07 UTC

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