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Summary of 18 March 2002 Patent Policy Working Group Teleconference

From: Susan Lesch <lesch@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 08:00:46 -0800
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   Eighteen people attended the 18 March 2002 Patent Policy Working
   Group (PPWG) teleconference. The group discussed their agenda. This
   meeting was devoted to a report from the optional features Task
   Force concerning required and optional features and the definition
   of Essential Claims. The Task Force thinks that the terms
   "normative" and "informative" are more useful in these respects
   than RFC 2119 key words like MUST. They resolved to their
   satisfaction the case of open-ended lists of ways to implement a
   Recommendation as they are optional. The PPWG tried to specify a
   default case for closed lists. One person suggested that patents
   required to implement required features be written into the
   Recommendation and that required items in a closed list be marked
   Royalty-Free. There was an alternate view that closed lists not be
   Royalty-Free. The group agreed to think about the Task Force report
   for one week and then vote. The PPWG will meet next on 25 March.

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