College Scholarship Report for Friend


Dear Friend,

Congratulations! You are eligible to receive up to $20,000 in college scholarships and financial aid*, including:
- $1,500 "Best Book Buys" Scholarship
- $1,000 "All-Ink" College Scholarship

To receive your complete college scholarship report, including application instructions, click here. This is a free service.

Note: Some scholarships require a response within two weeks. To get started, click here.

* Eligibility assumes that you are a US Citizen with a 2.5+ GPA who would use the scholarship to attend an undergraduate or graduate program full-time at an accredited four-year college. Some scholarships are available to students who attend two-year colleges. Partial scholarships are sometimes available to students who attend part-time. Individual results vary. Students may receive more or less than $20,000 in combined college scholarships, grants, and low-interest loans, from both government and private sector sources. Your college scholarship report focuses on private sector sources. Students are encouraged to also seek financial aid from the government and their college.

For your free college scholarship report, click here now.

Questions and Answers

How many scholarships are available?

Approximately 600,000

I don't have high grades or financial need. Am I still eligible?

Yes. Many of the 600,000 scholarships are awarded based on skills, interests, or hobbies, rather than grades or financial need.

How is my scholarship report generated?

The scholarships listed in this email are a sample. Your complete scholarship report will include additional scholarships that are exactly matched to your skills and interests, based on a brief, online profile. This free service is recommended by over 16,000 guidance counselors and financial aid officers. In total, 13 million students have used this free service since 1995.

Is this the same as Government college financial aid?

No. Your free college scholarship report will focus on supplemental, private sector scholarships. This can be a good option for students who:
- do not qualify for Government financial aid
- qualify for Government loans, but seek scholarships instead, or in addition

Note: Government grants and loans often form the majority of a student's financial aid package. All college students are encouraged to also apply for government assistance.

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