Hi, I'm Barry.

I teamed up with a professional video producer and together we went into two different law libraries with the video camera and I went over every major law book and demonstrated, up close and in detail, how each of the books work and how they cross reference.

I covered primary and secondary sources; federal and state jurisdictions; plus, all of the major formbooks and where to find law books for cheap and free. After the editing was done what remains is 85 minutes of nothing but meat. Someone who took a paralegal course (cost of $400) told me that he would have been better off buying my video. Another woman, an ABA certified paralegal, told me that they should have used the video at the school that she attended. Apparently they didn't spend much time on the nuts and bolts of using the law library. Another man who has been involved in various legal disputes spanning the last 30 years and having watched a lot of videos related to those disputes said that it was the best he's ever seen. Another person said that he had to watch the video three times and that on the third time he was still making notes. The video is, or has been sold, by three national legal organizations. One of those organizations says that there are only three out of house products in his catalogue, one of which is this legal research video.


I'll send this video to you for $101 via USPS priority mail postage paid without delay. Don't forget to put your email address with your order so I can send you your bonuses.

BONUS: When you order the legal research video I will send you via email a file containing 110 law links that you can use to do your legal research right on the internet. Most of them you will simply import into you Internet browser and start using them; other sites charge a nominal fee.

STILL ANOTHER BONUS: Did you know that there is a national law club you can join whose members have much experience they are willing to share on how to effectively deal with the IRS? You need to know how the IRS has failed to follow the law during their collection activities and they can help you with that. When you make your purchase, I'll send you a link to their homepage and show you how to join so that you can gain the benefit of their experience. I have benefited from being a member of the club. I've been a member for about six years now.

See below to order.


This two-volume set was selling for $1500 in its original form at a recent meeting. It has been reprinted in a softbound version, 8.5 x 11 x 1, two volumes. It was originally used in the early 1900's to prepare aspiring lawyers to pass the bar examine. If you read both volumes from cover to cover there is no lawyer that will easily pull the wool over your eyes and you will have a well-rounded knowledge of the law. It is written in easy to understand language and is well organized. You'll begin to enjoy some competence in the law that will enable to go into court prepared, allow you to effectively interview and select lawyers, and help your friends and family with their legal problems. You'll have a much better understanding about what remedies are available to you in any situation. These books are a great way to get started learning law.


I'll send you this law course for $85 via USPS book rate postage paid without delay. Don't forget to put your email address with your order so I can send you the bonuses I mentioned up above. See below to order.

SPECIAL OFFER: Send me $159 (a $27 savings) and I'll send you both the legal research video, the law course and the bonuses.

TO ORDER: Send a Postal Money order, cash, or a blank money order to:  

Barry-Lynn, Smyth, general delivery, Ft. Collins, Colorado 80525-9999 along with your email address and I'll send your order & bonuses without delay.  

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