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excellent pneumatic hammer

From: raymond <aycatv@public.ayptt.ha.cn>
Date: Wed,20 Feb 2002 13:22:53 +0800
Message-Id: <200202200519.NAA04024@public.ayptt.ha.cn>
To: "chenyong"<info@adr-spierings.nl>

Dear Sirs/Madams:
Knowing you from Internet, we are glad to introduce us as the biggest manufacturer of power hammer in china. Our company is Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Stock Co., Ltd that is appointed to produce the Forging press Machinery by the government of China. That's why we can supply above item in both good quality and competitive price, we hope this letter would be the beginning of a good business relationship between our two companies in this line.

Pls refer our products as follows,
C41 series pneumatic hammer, series hydraulic die-forging hammer, electromotion-hydraulic hammer, series hydraulic riveting machine, series metal scrap hydraulic briqueting press, billet precision cutting machine, continuous-position automatic forging press, closed-type single action crank press, series of shearing machine, wb67y series plate bending machine, piston pin cold extrusion machine.

Regarding to our product details please refer to our 
Website: http://go4.163.com/czf78/products.htm

If you have any interest in importing from China, please let us know your specific inquiry.
Thanks for your attention and hope a fruitful business with your esteemed company.
Kindly send your E-mail to aycatv@public.ayptt.ha.cn
Best Regards,
Anyang Forging Press Machinery Industry Stock Co., Ltd
Add: NO.12 Zhang de Road An yang Henan
Tel: 86 372 5923102 5922927 
Fax: 86 372 5922446
E-mail :  aycatv@public.ayptt.ha.cn
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