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Radiation in Cell Phones Alert noaqg

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Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2002 00:40:40 +0900
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Do you use a cell phone?
Are you aware that the electromagnetic waves that come 
from your cell phone are directlt correlated to brain cancer!

Cell Phones are commonplace in todays society.  
Now the truth is coming out.  Thousands of scientists are now 
warning manufacturers, the media, and governments of health 
dangers caused by electromagnetic waves from cell phones.  
Soon the Cellular Communications Industry Association will 
start publishing the amount of radiation that enters your 
head when using various wireless phones.  Soon Cell manufacturers 
will be required to put warning labels on cell phones.  This is 
already required in many countries.

ABC's 20/20 News (May 26, 2000) took the five most popular phones 
sold in the US and tested them at a highly respected German laboratory. 
Four out of the five phones tested were above the SAR limit. One thing 
is for certain, similar to the case of cigarette smoking, it will take 
several tests and many years before the effects of radio frequency 
radiation on the human body are known.

We sell a product that reduces the electromagnetic waves by 99%.
Best of all our product is only $9.95.  
Your safety is obviously important.  Be safe and take a look at 
our product.  It is brand new, easy to use, fits every cell phone, 
and is very affordable.  

If you are interested in cell phone safety or would like more info 
about our New Cell Phone Anti-Radiation Shield please email me at

cellsafe@mail.portland.co.uk with the subject "safety"

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