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Want to earn $1,000,000? No this isn't a joke, read on....

From: Philip Bray <phil@home8383.fsnet.co.uk>
Date: Mon, 4 Feb 2002 20:25:44 -0000
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          "Eliminate All Cheaters & Internet Scams"

Dear fellow entrepreneur,

I know that this seems to be a lot of information for you 
to read, but please take your time and read it through. 
It is worth that time - I promise you!

If your current business is offering a product that is a 
quick and simple solution to a problem that concerns most 
people, most of the time, then you would be very happy, 
and wealthy. WELL DONE. If it is not, than unfortunately 
you are probably not making much money, and presumably won't. 

Unfortunately if your product is not a quick and simple 
solution to a problem that concerns most people, most of 
the time, then you won't be able to market to the majority 
of the Internet population out their will you. Anyone who is 
making any real money out there would have to have a quick 
and simple solution to a problem that concerns most people, 
most of the time wouldn't they. 

Sorry for repeating it so often, but if you truly want to 
make any money through the Internet, then you will need to 
know this sentence (a quick and simple solution to a problem 
that concerns most people, most of the time) off by heart. 

If you really want to make money using the Internet, than 
I may be able to help you. I say maybe because this business 
is not for anyone who is not going to be committed to 
making $40,000 in 6 weeks, (Quicksmart, which is shown below) 
and then working towards making $1,000,000 in 180 days using 
a very effective program called Infoshare. 

Both these programs WILL make you money as long as you are 
committed to making them successful. 

Others just like you and myself ARE making this kind of 
money as you read this. If you are committed enough to 
do exactly as I say, then you WILL succeed. It is very 
VERY simple, and I will help you with everything you 
need to know to become successful. I am not successful 
unless you are, so I will not leave you in the dark like 
others often do. I will do everything I can to help you. 

Discover how to make true wealth using the same secrets 
that the millionaires are using to achieve results and 
success on the Web. Remember the old saying  "If you can't 
beat them, join them." Well this is the same thing. You 
are about to Learn how the big guns are making all that 
easy money, and how YOU TOO can live a life of good health, 
love, and have all the time in the world to give to yourself 
and your family. 

Once if I receive your $5, I will send you the URL address 
of the "Lazyman's Guide to Success" in Phase 2. 
Once there you will be able to learn all the secrets to 
success on the Web. You will also have access to 3 
sensational programs for free, which you will use to 
send out hundreds of E-mail every day. 

This is what makes this program so different to the ones 
that are very hard to make successful. Advertising at 
various classified sites really does not work, does it? 
So we need to find another way to advertise our business, 
and sending out bulk E-mail every day to a targeted 
population does work. This program is probably the 
easiest to set up and run, and also the quickest to 
make great money. 

In Phase 2 you will send out bulk E-mail using 3 very 
effective programs. The first you will use to extract 
E-mail addresses from various free classified web sites. 
The second will sort out your E-mail list that you have 
just extracted so that you will have a clean list of 
E-mail addresses to send your offer to. Finally your 
third program will send out your Bulk E-mail. 

Do you agree that this is a much more effective way of 
advertising then placing ads all over different classified 
web sites, and just receiving counter offers in your 
inbox? From now on you will still have plenty of E-mail, 
but it will be people wanting to sign up. Now that is what 
I call results. 

The last thing, and the most important to be successful, 
is to DREAM. Dream and make goals of what you want to 
buy for yourself, your family and friends. Dream about 
where you want to live, go on a holiday, and what kind 
of car you have always wanted, and of course, what life 
will be like when you ARE a MILLIONAIRE. 

This is the most important ingredient to success. Every 
successful person does it. Why? Success WILL NOT come 
unless you dream and set goals. The reason that we set 
goals and dream is for the simple fact that if you come 
across a problem, then you should think about your goal 
or dream. 

This will make you determined enough to seek help and 
move on. I will be here to help you, so that you can 
get passed any problem that you may come across. No 
business is perfect, but you can not find a much easier 
one than this one.

Once you have fixed the problem, you will move forward 
and be $1,000,000 richer, and your goals and dreams all 
come true.And of course you will set higher goals and 
dreams for yourself. 


Yes right now, not tomorrow. Because I know you are keen 
to be successful. 

Save this E-mail to your hard drive and read it OFFLINE 
so that you are not wasting valuable money on the Internet, 
and do exactly as it says. Once you read it, if you have 
any questions with anything, anything at all, than send me 
an E-mail. 

Once you have made your easy $40,000 in the next 6 weeks, 
we will than start to set up the real money making machine 
"Infoshare" so that you can make $40,000 look like pocket 
money. I look forward to hearing from you, and let success 

PEOPLE HELPING PEOPLE (Quicksmart Program) 
"The key to success" 
(No one can cheat and no one can move ahead of you.) 

This program is designed to make money via Internet - quickly 
and honestly! It is quite new, yet already proven to be 
most effective. It is truly exciting, with many people 
now using it, and with so many more still to see it! 

It is not the same as other programs that (only at first) 
may seem to be similar. This program has been designed to 
avoid all of the traps and all of the cheats. You can 
quickly prove that it is both real and safe, before you 
decide to participate. 

NOTE: Please read this complete document to be sure that 
you fully understand 

If I told you I would give you the $1,000,000 to jump out 
of a plane without a parachute, you would probably say 
'No way', right?

You would have missed out on the easiest million dollars 
in your life as the plane was on the ground. Make sure 
you know all the facts before deciding. Take the time 
to read it again and again if you have to. E-mail me 
with any questions if you remain unsure of anything. 

Should you decide to run it, by following the easy 
instructions carefully, you will be delighted with the 

PHASE 1 BEGINS: Prepare to be impressed! 

This program is very powerful - a real money generator 
on the Web! No other program comes close when you need 
money quickly and honestly. You are guaranteed financial 
success with this opportunity because of the method used 
to CONFIRM the HONESTY of each participant.

However, when most of us first look at this program, we 
may think its just another get rich quick scheme. But 
it isn't - by reading the details you will see that 
it is quite different. And only about a week after 
starting, money will start rolling in quickly from 
all over the world! 

This is a FAIL-SAFE money making program where all cash 
receipts are verifiable in advance, because every 
participant is held ACCOUNTABLE. Every participant gets 
paid well, Every participant is sure that nobody can 
cheat. That is why I chose to participate. 

I invite you to do likewise. Being fail-safe and cheat 
proof, what have we got to lose? The power of the 
Internet is here to be used. More and more people are 
using this program to produce a substantial income quickly. 

Expect to earn up to US$40,000 in the next six weeks 
(MAXIMUM TIME).We all know that Internet money programs 
can really work, but most of us have major concerns 
about them: 

1. They are too complex, often requiring large investments. 
2. They require real Internet marketing experience. 
3. There is usually no way of monitoring returns. 
4. There is no way of eliminating cheaters. 

This program solves all of those concerns! It is 100% 
certain that everyone will get paid for participating. 
This is because we require accountable E-mail addresses 
for all participants. The total cost to you is two 
US $5 Bills, plus postage for just two letters. (Not a 
lot, no matter what your present circumstances may be.) 

But you spend nothing at all, until you gain E-mail 
confirmation that the sender of this letter has paid! 

Please read this carefully. 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me by 
replying to my E-mail address, as the sender of this 

The fail-safe mechanism controls the program, so it's 
impossible for anyone to cheat. This way nobody gets hurt 
and everyone gets paid. All participants make the money 
they deserve for their efforts. Read on and you will 
see why. The method of accountability used keeps 
everyone honest. We all get our money by building an 
easy and valuable MAILING LIST. 

Too many programs before this one have no fail-safe 
method for protecting the honest participants from 
those who put their names on a list without sending 
any money. That is what causes such programs to 
ultimately fail. 

With this program it is IMPOSSIBLE FOR SUCH CHEATING 
TO HAPPEN. If you decide to participate, you will be 
required to send $5 (US currency) to just two of the 
people on the list shown below, with a note asking 
them to add your name to their Mailing List and send 
you a copy of, "Phase 2". More about that shortly. 

First take the time to SAVE this letter to a word 
file so that you can edit the prescribed areas later 
if you do decide to join. Once you finish reading 
check the honesty of me and that I have paid my $10. 

The very first step is to E-mail the two people in 
the Position #1 and Position #2 from the current 
Accountability List below, and ask them if they 
have received their $5 from me. This is what MAKE'S 
CERTAIN the success of this program. 

You will not send money to me until you KNOW that 
I have paid the people in Positions 1 and 2. 

Bill Floyd
135 N. 9th St.
San Jose, Ca. 95112
EMAIL: bfloyd007@aol.com (that's zero, zero, seven) 

Matthew Jahred 
191 Gloucester Ave
Belair, South Australia 5052
E-mail: matthewjad@yahoo.co.uk

The above are the two people I sent my US $5 to, with 
a note asking them to add me to their mailing list 
and send me Phase 2. 

After you have verified that I am genuine and decide 
to participate, address an Envelop to the person 
currently in Position #3 (me), put a $5 bill (US 
Currency), your name, address, and E-mail address 
included, on a note that reads:
"Please add my name to your Mailing List and rush 
Phase 2 to me" 

NOTE: Only the person in Position #3 supplies Phase 2, 
NEVER any other person. 

Also take care to write the names of the addressees 
correctly. (some international names can sound a little 
bit unfamiliar to Americans or Australians).

Philip Bray
83 Marshall Road
England, ME8 0AN 
Email: phil@home8383.fsnet.co.uk   

Again please turn the closest attention to correctly 
overwriting the addresses of the persons you will 
direct a letter with a $5 bill to.

Next, address an envelope to the person in Position 
#4; enclose a $5 bill, your name, address, and E-mail 
address with a note that states, "Please add me to 
your mailing list" 

Mikael Mansson
Ringovagen 103
Email: micke@mansson.net
Or: mikaelmansson@yahoo.com 


FIRST: Move the person currently in POSITION #4 to 
POSITION #2. Be sure all information is copied correctly 
and completely. (The person originally in Position #2 
is now dropped from the list, and has made their $40,000) 

SECOND: Move the person in POSITION #1 to POSITION #4 
with all the correct information. 

THIRD: Move the person in POSITION #3 to POSITION #1 
with all the correct information. 

FINALLY: Enter YOUR name, complete address, and E-mail 
address in to POSITION #3. 

Please also provide your name and E-mail address at the 
end of this letter. 

Remember: You only send the $5 to the names in POSITIONS 
#3 and #4 on this letter DO NOT SEND MONEY TO THE NAMES 
IN POSITIONS #1 AND #2. NOTE: When typing your E-mail 
address, please remember to be accurate.Double check! 

Once you start, there are two simple things you must do 
to make this work for the maximum return in 2 months. 

BE PATIENT at the start! It takes easily a week or so 
to really get up and going, and to start receiving lots 
of money in your letterbox. BUT THEY WILL COME! This is 
MONEY WITHIN A FEW WEEKS, and you will also have a 
mailing list service to use yourself, or even to sell. 

That in itself can be valuable. 

INEXPENSIVE to participate in, just compare it to the 
value of lotterytickets - where making money is next to 
impossible! There are no postage expenses, other than 
the two stamps needed to mail your two $5 bills. 

If any of the addresses require overseas mailing, do 
it via airmail for speed. Think of the power of the 
program running Internationally! 

There are no name lists, nor other unseen expenses. 
Other than the two initial letters, this program 
operates totally on-line.
You may already feel that this program is not what 
you thought at first, but still remain doubtful or 
a little unclear about whether or not to have a go.

Unlike so many other programs, you do not send money 
to four or five people for reports, recipes, disks, 
or any other product. Nor do you risk losing your time 
and money. 

This program is less demanding and does not take 
advantage of the naive. Effectively, we all become 
a team - we know that we must follow the rules, and 
that our teamwork ensures that we all win. 

This program has been set up so that you will succeed. 
If you do exactly as described, then you will succeed, 
in this business. 

To compare this with the many uncontrolled programs: 
First of all, this program has only four controlled, 
levels - not five, six, seven, or more uncontrolled 
levels like other programs. 

When you first send this program out, you will soon 
get 40-50 people who send you $5 to join the mailing 
list and to commence their Phase 2. They will do this 
only after they confirm that you have paid your $10. 

To account for curiosity seekers, and people who don't 
recognize the opportunity (not you, of course!), let's 
say that only 20 people then actually pursue the 
program provided. These 20 in the Accountability List 
POSITION #1, and their respondents will be asking YOU 
if they paid their $5 dollars. 

Their active participants will then move your name to 
20 x 20 x 20 people. That's a total of 8,000 people. 

8000 X $5 = $40,000! 

Because this is done on the Internet it moves very 
quickly. Therefore, you only need 20 ACTIVE PARTICIPANTS 
who actually promote this program to reach the target. 
You should advertise/E-mail until twice that number of 
people (40-50) has sent you the $5 and received Phase 
2 from you via E-mail. 

At this point, all you will have to do will be to 
answer the E-mails saying, "Yes, I have been paid." 

NOTE: Be sure to keep a record of those who have paid 
and added to your mailing list, and respond very 
quickly to verification requests. You will be able 
to keep your list in alphabetical order with 
(A free program that you will have with Phase 2) 

Remember that you may send this program to people who 
send you similar programs. Many such people are keen 
and active users of opportunities sent to them, and 
this one is safe, fast and simple. It will not appeal 
to cheats, yet be great for anyone looking for a VERY 
low cost, fun investment. Just keep sending as much 
E-mail as you possibly can! 

You will be amazed with the responses you get from the 
Web. The Internet is a powerful tool. But remember: 
we are responsible to the team. That means to everyone 
who participates both before and after we become involved. 

FIRST: Save this file as your PHASE 1 file, where you 
can edit the changes. (Names, addresses, E-mail address, 
and position's) 

SECOND: Get two US $5 bills and mail by post ($5 each) 
to the people listed above in Positions 3 and 4, with 
a request to join their mailing list. 

Note: That cost is your ONLY financial risk 

THIRD: Update the names on the list carefully, as 
detailed above. YOUR name, address and E-mail address 
names in at Position #3 (where mine is now).You then 
wait for PHASE 2 to arrive in your E-mail box from me. 
This will be sent the same day that your $5 arrives at 
my home address. 

FIRST: Your name starts at Position #3 in Phase 1 - to 
all of the people you E-mail. You would aim to get about 
40 responses, but more would be even more profitable. 

SECOND: You will E-mail PHASE 2 out to each person who 
has sent you $5. You will be instructing your respondents 
to place your name in POSITION #1.You will then begin 
receiving inquiries from others asking if you have been 
paid your $5. 

You will be keeping track of all those who you have 
been paid by. You won't be receiving much money at 
this stage (just the $5 you received from each person 
in Phase 1, which will be from $200-$250 or so) 

THIRD: Those people who have just inquired as to whether 
payment was made to you, will be getting another 20 or 
more people to participate, and your name will then be 
in POSITION #4. 
This is when you will receive the BIG MONEY 

LAST: Your name will be in Position #2, where you will 
again be receiving inquiries, and you will be likely 
to answer at this point YES, I AM $40,000 RICHER.

Many will then participate and make money also. 
Participation is all that we require for success. 
Isn't this a brilliant business? We really have the 
best, because we have created a foolproof and 
cheat-proof system, where everybody has accountability. 

Your small investment of two $5 bills will reward you with 
$40,000 or more! 

Once again, please E-mail me if you have any questions. 
None of us are able to go back for a new beginning. But, 
we learn and grow, so all of us are able to make a new 
start. Just do it! Good fortune to all of you -
and have fun! 

Do you see how easy it is to make your first $40,000 
in 2 months. If you don't think it is easy, or don't 
completely understand it, than read over until you do. 

If you still want some help, then don't hesitate in 
sending me an E-mail. Do NOT leave it. Your financial 
future depends on it. 

Ok, so where is the $1,000,000 you ask. Well that is an 
even easier concept. All you need to do is to make sure 
that at least 10 of your active participants join 
Infoshare as a Gold partner. This will happen 
automatically by the time you have your $40,000, 
because they too will want to make $1,000,000. 

In fact, the majority of participants in Quicksmart 
will join Infoshare all by themselves, as you will 
direct them too do so, so that they can make their 

They too will also have at least 10 participants from 
Quicksmart join them in Infoshare, and so on for 6 
levels down. All you need to do is make sure that at 
least 10 of your active participants join Infoshare 
and the rest will happen. 

The participants that you have recruited will also 
make sure that they all have 10 in Infoshare, so that 
they will make their $1,000,000. You  will not have 
to do any more than make sure you have 10 Gold members 
in Infoshare, and within 180 days, you will be 
$1,000,000 richer. Just check out "The Compensation 
Plan" at:

to find out just how much you will earn. 

Once you decide that you are going to make $1,000,000 
in the next 180, you have checked the accountability 
of me, and sent your $10 you will be ready to start 
preparing for Phase 2. Until you receive Phase 2, I 
want you to start collecting URL's of all the free 
classified web sites you can find. Why don't you start 
by checking out:

for hundreds of free classified web sites to extract 
your E-mails from. 

Make a list of all the FREE Classified Web site 
addresses, where the E-mail address of the person 
advertising is in front of you in the advertisement. 

If it does NOT show you the E-mail address and instead 
has a link to access their E-mail address, then do not 
record that classifieds URL. 

You will use these URL's to feed your mail finder 
program, and then it will extract hundreds of E-mail's 
from these sites. The more classifieds the better. 
Once you find a free classified web site that has the 
E-mail address showing, then click on your right mouse 
button, and click on properties. Highlight the URL and 
copy it. 

Then paste it into Notepad. Don't save it into 
Microsoft Word as the 3 programs used only read 
from a text document, Notepad. You should find Notepad 
by clicking on your start button, programs, and then 

Wishing you all the best and here is to success on the 
     "You cannot fail.......unless you quit."

http://Game.37.com/  <--- Free Games
http://newJoke.com/   <---  J O K E S  ! ! !
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