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Re: FW: royalty-based technology

From: sterling stoudenmire <sstouden@thelinks.com>
Date: Sat, 02 Feb 2002 08:30:09 -0600
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To: <rdhenry@worldnet.att.net>, <www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org>
PUBLIC CORPORATIONS and NPOs) ENJOY ALL OF THE priviledges of Citizenship,
except voting for the person they are going to lobby during the next few
years, and, at the same time, avoiding the frailities suffered by the HUMAN

In practice, the Superclass enjoy general immunity from the law{public
opinion excepted], but are the major benefactors of the operation of the
law, including the IP laws.  Plato has his wish, the superclass now rule
the world and they have accomplished this by influencing the lawmakers.
Operation of IP laws were established by mercantile influence in the
congress (lobbying) and gating access to the courts (huge costs and access
to elite language to get fairness in the courts) to keep small people out.
IP laws(knowledge monopolies) not only provide royalties to the super
class, but also provide the SUPERCLASS with the means to regulate and
control the behavior of the members of the human class and the means, via
the police power, to establish both a system of punishment, and via the
educational process, to both create customers (educate human class) and to
gate and stratify individual access to jobs and quality of life(college
admissions and tuition).
The internet snuk up on the super class. They are surrying to implement the
upper hand, that is the crux of the issue for w3.  If W3 doen't do as the
superclass wishes, there will not be a w3. 

At 01:04 PM 2/1/02 -0800, Robert D. Henry wrote:
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>Thanks for your note. I'd encourage you to send this along to the public
>comment list: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org.
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>> Subject: royalty-based technology
>> DJW,
>> Any royalty is too much royalty. The idea that patented,
>> royalty-based technology will be "essential" to the development
>> of any W3C standard is nonsense. This is a smokescreen designed
>> to slip Microsoft, et al., technology (or worse) into the Web
>> standard and force everyone else to pay for it.
>> RDH
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Computer Aided Cell and Molecular Biology (CACMB), not medicine, will find
the cure for cancer and other diseases.  There will always be a need for
the trained clinician (MD/RN) but, advanced diagnostic and treatment option
selection has become gene based, has moved from the physician's practice to
the computerized cell and molecular biology laboratory, and appropriate
treatment options should now be based on the personal biology of the
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