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Summary of 1 April 2002 Patent Policy Working Group Teleconference

From: Susan Lesch <lesch@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 9 Apr 2002 01:51:17 -0700
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   Fourteen people attended the 1 April 2002 Patent Policy Working
   Group (PPWG) teleconference. The group discussed a proposal from
   Danny Weitzner, PPWG Chair, that attempts to resolve the group's
   differences over disclosure requirements for unpublished
   applications. It requires that the text of an application be
   provided if the applicant used information obtained from a W3C
   Working Group to make the application. This obligation could be
   satisfied instead by agreeing to license those claims on a
   Royalty-Free basis. The proposal was considered a way to shift the
   burden of proof to the organization making the claim. It was noted
   that if the proposal was adopted, care must be taken when filing
   patent amendments. One person thought Members may be falsely
   accused. The dates of the claim and the date of publication of W3C
   information were not considered to be proof of anything. One person
   thought that this is overly complicating patent policy, thought
   there was no value in asking for full text, and that good faith
   disclosure is enough. Another proposal without the requirement to
   disclose details will be circulated for a straw poll at the next
   meeting. The PPWG planned to meet on 8 April and started plans
   for an extended meeting on 15 April.

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