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No patents for W3C technology.

From: Kevin A. Burton <burton@relativity.yi.org>
Date: 30 Sep 2001 14:26:30 -0700
To: www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org
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I am writing you today to encourage you to stop your efforts to adopt patented
technology for W3C endeavors.

For starters I do not think it is good to encourage patenting technology with
the obvious real world advantages that the W3C intends them for.  I think it is
important to stand up and say NO.  Taking a stand is important here because we
often see the US and other patent offices allowing technologies which are
obvious and have clear prior art.

There is another issue which involves what happens to technologies which are
even reasonably licensed.  MP3 and GIF come to mind.

So please don't allow patents within W3C technologies.


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