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Proposed RAND Policy

From: Glenn Jacobson <glenn@uniqsys.com>
Date: Fri, 05 Oct 2001 00:10:28 -0400
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CC: Glenn Jacobson <glenn@uniqsys.com>
Gentleman -

I've been the computer services industry for 36 years and have 
many clients both here the United States and overseas who
use Linux and Open Source software for all of their computing 
needs.  They are using this technology because it is more
robust, secure, flexible, and less costly.  

It would appear that those who want to allow patented technology
as "Standards based" W3C technology are looking for a way to
disable the unstoppable trend towards less expensive technology
and to have the W3C "annoint" their technology so that it can
be used to prevent the further growth of free and open technologies.

I am really surprised, frankly blown away that those on the W3C
standards board would even consider such a blantant attempt at
highjacking the world wide freedom of the Internet.

I am opposed to the proposed RAND standards not because I'm
against the idea of patented software, but because it flys in 
the face of the unstoppable worldwide movement to allow the
use of computers not just for the rich and famous, but for
everyone and in particular all worldwide businesses who are
constantly looking for greater and greater productivity 
combined with the same types of reductions in costs that
we have come to expect in chip production.  I say allow
those who wish to sell patented software to those who 
care to pay for it, but do not under any circumstances 
allow those who want to hold on to outmoded means of 
delivering technologies to tie up the freedom of the

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