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Application Developer

From: Arlen A. Greer <celt@home.com>
Date: Thu, 4 Oct 2001 13:41:46 -0700
Message-Id: <200110042041.NAA10128@earth.he.net>
To: infoAnarchy <www-patentpolicy-comment@w3.org>

I've just visited the infoAnarchy site.   I found your Web address while searching Yahoo, and had a good feeling about there being a potential match.  Please take a look at the text version of my resume, pasted below.  If you have any need for a strong application or database developer, I'd appreciate it if you would reply to this email or call me at (619) 295-3304.  I'm a very fast, very skilled programmer with a ton of references and a large body of existing work available for demonstration online.  I'm  looking for a full time position, but I also enjoy taking on contract jobs when they're available, as they always provide an opportunity for growth.  I look forward to speaking with you. 

Thank you, 

-Arlen Greer

--- (resume - also available in MS Word 2000) ----
Arlen A. Greer
Phone: (619) 295-3304
Cell:  (619) 846-5160
Email: celt@home.com  
--- Skills ---
  Perl, modPerl, C, C++, Java, J++, Python, Fortran, Lisp, Pascal, OPAL, HTML, Javascript, DHTML, VBScript, Lingo, XML, WAP, XHTML, PHP, ASP, Cold Fusion, SQL, DBI, UML, JSP, JavaBeans, Java Servlets  

OS/Environments/Protocols: Unix, Win32, Apache, CGI, TCP/IP, SSL, ODBC, JDBC 

Databases: MySQL, Oracle, Sybase, Infoseek  

Configuration Management Tools: CVS, VSS 
---- Experience ----
WEBcard Technologies 
  Software Developer  San Diego, CA, USA  January 2001 - October 2001
  Served as architect and project manager for an Exterprise system to aggregate providers of commercial art. The 'fat butterfly' ecommerce model included iterative solution modules to facilitate communication between buyers and sellers. The utilities support negotiation of contracts, client feedback, and job management facilities that allow multiple developers to collaborate effectively on multiple ongoing projects. Parallel projects include setting up business relationships with niche ASP providers such as PitneyBowes, Intuit and MP3 using XML to facilitate cross-platform interoperability. Set up Intranet modules to link together departments within WEBcard as well as their group of agent developers and their replication plant. Designed and implemented data tracking system to allow flexible activity logging and reporting for multiple clients from their WEBcards (business-card sized CDs). Designed and implemented Data Relay System to allow the content and behavior of the cards !
to be modified after distribution by the client companies from their local Intranets.  
  Software Engineer  San Diego, CA  November 1998 - January 2001  
  Designed and implemented a B2B Ecommerce Exchange paired with a robust online community. Responsible for every aspect of application development, from initial requirements gathering through final QA. Managed development team and spearheaded coding effort. Web facilities included a very broad range of database-enabled applications, including dynamic FAQs, banner ad coordination and tracking, Intranet to facilitate employee training and management of product sales and fulfillment, negotiation modules to facilitate transactions between multiple vendors and multiple buyers (a true many-to-many exchange), flexible privilege system to allow each individual organization to model itself on the exchange based on its own business rules, multiple-vendor shopping carts, RFP module tied to wireless alerts for vendors in the field, content publishing system to allow experts in multiple niche industries to publish to community portion of the site - and much, much more. The site is availabl!
e for review and demonstration upon request.  
  Software Engineer  Solana Beach, CA  August 1999 - January 2000  
  Responsible for project development and assembling an effective core team of developers. Designed system architecture and database schema. Left Edupoint to continue working as CTO of AptBiz, but continue to provide both consulting and mission-critical application development services for Edupoint to present day.  
  Luminos Technologies 
  Software Engineer  San Diego, CA  April 1998 - November 1998  
  Designed and implemented wide variety of dynamic web applications for multiple clients. Developed technology kernel which permitted rapid application development to handle a broad customer base with diverse needs.  
  Vase Software 
  Software Engineer  San Diego, CA  June 1992 - June 1998  
  Designed, implemented and maintained a wide variety of database applications, including a medical billing system and an inventory control system for a chain of video stores.  
  Consulting Services/Contract work 
     June 1992 - Present  
  Have provided consulting services and software development for a variety of organizations, including Neotrak, LGB, ToyData, BigDates, BizDates, KPMG, IBM and the U.S. Navy. Project length has ranged anywhere from one week to two years, with the scope of involvement generally proportionate to the time.  Most recent project: A Practice Management ASP for a group of local physicians which facilitates appointment scheduling, management of clinical notes and patient contact information, coordination with office staff members and communication of authorization and billing information to HMOs.  The contract work has always had a strong emphasis on facilitating business communication and operations both within and between industry organizations.  
---- Education ----
  Rice University, Computer Science 
   Houston, TX       
---- Comments ----
Extremely good application developer, with a talent for Extranets and dynamic systems. Strengths include the ability to explain technology comprehensibly and to carefully listen to the needs of a client, incorporating these into project requirements. Enthusiastic, hard working and always dedicated to the project at hand.  Large body of work available for demonstration online.  

Arlen A. Greer
Phone: (619) 295-3304
Email: celt@home.com
Received on Thursday, 4 October 2001 16:41:42 UTC

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