This policy is far from fair.  The end result will cause the WWW to crumble.  I know I work on a couple websites.  I don't make money off them and the organizations they are for don't have all that much cash either.  Granted the world lived before with the web, but it's here now, and this policy could actually change that.  For those of us that can't afford to pay to use a gif image (other any other type of standard that this policy would create a charge for) we would have no ability to have a presence on the web.  This policy sucks and if you continue to attempt to pass this policy and put it into action you will damage the web.  It will cease being useful if no pictures can be used on an educational site just because they can't afford to pay some royalty fee that you people create.  You are out of line for creating this monstrosity.  This policy that you are pushing forward with does nothi! ng but prove how greedy you people are.  You obviously don't care about what affect this type of action would have on all those sites run by people like me, who do this work for free for groups that are trying to help teachers, local charities, and other groups with extremely limited funds.  You need to stop this process NOW!!!

-Ryan Mills

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