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Microsoft Please Hand Off PPWG

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Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2001 23:43:26 +0800
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Dear all,

    I would like to suggest that Microsoft could hand off from W3C
Patent Policy Working Group, no matter how much money it has
contributed to W3C.

    All W3C softwares, including W3C HTML validator, W3C CSS
validator, W3C Amaya browser and W3C Jigsaw webserver, were open
source softwares with a long time tradition, which violate
Microsoft's own company policy against open source softwares.  It's
obviously not a playground for Microsoft from the beginning.

    I benifited from W3C's free standards for such a long time since
I was a poor student without any money to buy a formal standard.  I
keep walking with these newest standards as a senior engineer now.
Without these free standards, I would not be the same person.  It
would hurt me (and many same people) so much if I can't walk on with
W3C.  If, then, I could only turn to another organization that won't
leave me.

    Please keep reply if you would like Microsoft to hand off W3C
Patent Policy Working Group, too.

Best regards,
imacat ^_*'
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