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Software Development

From: Elihu Eli El <elie@pmcl.com>
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2003 14:25:10 -0600
To: <www-p3p-public-comments@w3.org>
Thursday, February 06, 2003

Dear IT Recruiter,

I am grateful for this opportunity to formally introduce myself.  I am
currently working for a government contractor.  I have an active security
clearance of secret.  I currently hold the position of Programmer Analyst
with Planning and Management Consultants, Ltd. (www.pmcl.com).  My goal is
to become an active and significant contributor to the field of Software
Development and Engineering.  I develop applications using Visual Basic 6.0
and Oracle 8i.  I possess skills in Relational Database Management Systems
(RDBMS), GUI development, and object-oriented (classes) programming.  I use
control and analysis tools to build reports.  My team and I use these
reports to perform analysis on schedule related data.  The information
derived from this data is used to point out our past mistakes and potential
problems.  I have good oral/written communication skills.

As a Programmer with your organization, I would bring a focus on quality and
efficiency to your group’s IT missions and objectives.  Salary is negotiable
within the range of $45,000 - $65,000.  I have professional team leadership
training with the military.  As a Sergeant with the Army Reserve, I exceeded
leadership tasks.  My informal and formal evaluations reflect dedication,
technical and tactical competence, and outstanding leadership.  Furthermore,
I know and understand how to train our soldiers in combat drill exercises,
as well as technical aspects of military business.  My ability to resolve
many varied and complex problems, combined with programming skills and
outstanding organizational skills, are indicative of my potential as a
Software Developer with your group.

I provide support and enhancements to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineer’s
Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS).  RIMS is a software
development project that is approaching its fourth year of development.  The
RIMS system establishes a national standard for data and information
requirements within the Regulatory program that can be accessed throughout
the entire Corps management hierarchy; particularly by Regulatory project
management personnel.  This software application delivers data in a
graphical format for review and analysis on the user’s desktop.  Thus, users
receive U.S. Army Corp of Engineers’ information in an easily understandable
format for use in day-to-day operations.  Additionally, this component
involves development of a Microsoft Visual Basic application using a variety
of components and techniques to create a unique and user-friendly
application for the Regulatory community.  I have also used Maple to solve
and graph Differential Equations. During 1995 through 1996, I worked as a
Law Enforcement Officer for The State of Georgia.

I am confident my education, skills, and experience would prove beneficial
to your clients and would welcome an opportunity to discuss my
qualifications with you in person.  I am willing to relocate.  I can be
reached at 618-351-1109.  Would you acknowledge that you have received a
good copy of this letter and resume?  Thank you for your attention and


Elihu Eli El

Elihu Eli El

500 North Westridge Drive

Apartment Number E-2

Carbondale, IL 62901

Telephone Number: (618) 351-1109


More than 3 years application development and information technology

         Proficient in: Visual Basic 6.0

         Familiar with: Lisp, Ada, Prolog, Visual C++, Anci C, FORTRAN,
Pascal, CICS, Assembly, COBOL, and RPG III

         Databases: Oracle 8i and Microsoft Access

         Platforms: Windows 2000, Windows 9*, Windows NT 4.0, Unix/Red Hat
Linux 5.2, IBM Primos, and VMS

B.S. in Computer Science, Math minor            2001

University of Arkansas, Little Rock, Arkansas

Programmer Analyst

Planning and Management Consultants, Ltd., FEB02 - Present

Use embedded ADO code to access Oracle 8i database from within Visual Basic

Develop three-tier application based on client / sever model for enterprise.

Use Data Manipulation Language during application development to manipulate
the information stored in the database with SQL statements.

Use class persistence as well as directly communicating with the database
through database-centric API’s.

Utilize various datagrids to produce results as defined by the client.

Currently involved in a developmental role for a United States government
contractor.  These applications require real-time screen updates, developer
tools, and ActiveX controls.

Declare recordset objects to manipulate the rows of a cursor, view their
fields, and update underlining table via DML while navigating through the

Current project involves mapping hierarchical recordsets to treeview
controls with 2-tier architecture.

Feature-driven development requires the use events, methods, and / or
properties of the following: Treeview, MS FlexGrid, StatusBar, Imagelist,
Toolbar, ListView, Class Instance Objects, Collection, ImageCombobox,
Protoview’s Datatable, Key, Mouse, Timer, and others as needed.

United States Army Reservist
Headquarters, 347th Replacement Battalion, 1990 - Present

RANK: Sergeant                  Security Clearance: Secret

Combat Engineer, 20JAN90 – 01MAR02

Army Material Systems Analysis course in Ada for Scientist and Engineers.
Additional theoretical training to increase programmer productivity and
minimize costs associated with program development, testing, and
maintenance.  Trained in Ada language as defined by MIL-STD-1815 (A) and by
the ANSI MIL-STD-1815A-1983.  Supervise military record keeping.  Conduct
classes as the primary instructor.  Establish and maintenance of Tactical
Operations Command, SPO section, mission preparation, accountability of
military equipment, movement and deployment assistant to the Battalion
Executive Officer, land navigation, terrain management, creating obstacles,
conducting breaching exercises in a battlefield environment, radio
communications, unit administrative duties, use of secondary assets such as
overlays, rehearsals, friendly units, etc; and physical fitness.  At any
given time during a normal military training drills, I am frequently
assigned in access of  $70,000 worth of equipment.  Supervise 10 - 40
personnel, Air-Assault school, operation of military UNISYS standalone with
SAMS-1 software package, field training exercises, conduct briefings, and

Information Specialist
Staffmark Employment / Entergy, APR98 - SEP98

Provided technical support in database management of potential exposures and
application evaluation of Y2K compliance.

Utilized Microsoft Access a primary tool.

Maintained multiple databases aimed specifically at hardware and host
application re-development or updating to Y2K compliance.

Complementary work experience

5/00 – 12/00           Sylvan Learning Center      L.R., AR
Math Instructor

1997 - 1998             First Commercial Bank         L.R., AR
Information Specialist, MS Access


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