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From: KENNEDY <kennedy@graffiti.net>
Date: Wed, 27 Sep 2000 06:40:05 -0400
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To: "REQUESTED INFORMATION" <kennedy@graffiti.net>
You are receiving this email because your address has been added to our mailing 
list. If you feel that this was done maliciously or in error then please contact: 

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     Among other things it has:

1. The complete "internet spy CD" At one time this was banned on e-bay
    because the material it contains is so useful "the powers that be"
    didn't want the public to have access to it. 

2. To help you find what you want on the web we have also included two complete 
search programs that use several search engines at the same time and enable you 
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3. To protect your computer from hackers we have also included the best firewall 
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4. If you would like to build your own web page -no problem- you get FIVE web 
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5.Need to edit you photos?? We include TWO complete photo suits, plus a thumb 
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6.Need help up loading your files? You get the best file transfer program ( FTP) 

7.Need to open or create zip file.  Included is the best and easiest to use zip 
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8. Looking for a government grant? Don't pay for that CD you might have see advertised 
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   Remember,that isn't all!  So, if any of this would be of help to you then 
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                 C. KENNEDY
                  BOX 201
                  GEORGETOWN,DE 19947 

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