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WHY VOTE? See what happened to Ross Perot. . .

From: FlirtingWithPower <fwpllc@yahoo.com>
Date: Sat, 02 Sep 2000 17:05:50
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". . . one thing I can tell you is that the system isn't designed to elect the best candidate for President." 
        - Ross Perot,  as quoted in FLIRTING WITH POWER.

A powerful, new, feature-length documentary, FLIRTING WITH POWER, uses humor and exclusive behind-the-scenes footage to tell a heartrending story about political intrigue and control, and exposes awful truths about our compromised "democracy."

The film is the only existing record of the exciting story inside the vibrant grassroots movement of the '92 & '96 Perot presidential campaigns.  That organization, built by a few inexperienced staffers and their huge army of volunteers, is the backdrop for a deeper look at the monopoly currently enjoyed by the two major political parties.  

Mr. Perot granted the use of footage from his personal archives for the film.  

Add it to your personal or school video library today, it's a unique glimpse at history in the making..

Visit http://www.flirtingwithpower.com to view excerpts from the film and learn more about its important message and the filmmaker, Jo Streit.

Order your copy online or call toll-free: 1-877-WHY-VOTE (877-949-8683).  

Available only on VHS videotape for $29.95 + S & H.  Not available in stores.

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