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FWD: Ratifying syntax change?

From: Joseph M. Reagle Jr. <reagle@w3.org>
Date: Mon, 24 May 1999 11:28:55 -0400
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From: "Rolf H. Nelson" <rnelson@w3.org>
Subject: Ratifying syntax change?

Since I haven't heard any dissent so far, let's ratify this change on
the upcoming teleconference next Thursday.  The proposal looks good to
me; I'm concerned that proposals with a lot of categories could be
verbose, but I have no constructive suggestion for how to fix that, so
I won't object.  

I will interpret silence as meaning people agree with Paul's proposed

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After input from Marc, Lorrie, Rolf, and Joseph, I would like to
update my proposal to change the P3P syntax.  
The goal is to remove multivalue attributes in the syntax
and change them to lists of tags.  This should help tools
that operate on the XML or RDF.

The suggestion is to take PURPOSE and RECPNT out
of the STETMENT attribute list, and to change all the
remaining multivalue attributes to a single value:

1 - The vocab qualifier would now have PURPOSE and
RECPNT as separate tags, but leave ID as an attribute
because it is single value. E.g.

  <STATEMENT id="id">
      <PURPOSE v="current" />
      <PURPOSE v="admin" />
      <RECPNT  v="ours" />

2 - Require that if someone wanted to state multiple
categories for a data ref, they would repeat it twice
in the statement:

 <STATEMENT id="id">
      <PURPOSE v="current" />
      <PURPOSE v="admin" />
      <RECPNT  v="ours" />
      <DATA:REF name="Postal.PostalCode" category="physical" />
      <DATA:REF name="Postal.PostalCode" category="demograph" />      

3 - Add a value to ACCESS attribute of DISCLOSURE to make
ACCESS a single value attribute.  Add  

contact_and_other = Identifiable Contact Information 
                     and Other Identifiable Information

4 - We would remove the 'other' attribute in the DISCLOSURE tag, 
and replace it with two new attributes: 'retention' and ''change_agreement',
and these can have a single value of 'yes' or 'no'.

This proposal should take care of all multi value attributes.

Comments ?  Thanks, Paul. 
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