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Re The General Topic of Secure Information

From: Sawken, Bob <bsawken@grci.com>
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 1999 14:23:36 -0500
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Here what I want...

Public, no cost, trusted site network distributed software to generate
Personal Data Information Objects (maybe a Java class package, maybe a
ON MY system that I control the execution, You must contact me to get data!)

These objects / classes would be an FTP'able files (or E-mail)

The software to generate then will tailorable by me as to encryption
methods, nnnbits, Etc
So I can hide the signature of the data

The object methods and actions will also be settable to include:

Data: Personal data Name, Address, SSN, credit card,
Digital signature forms and data: Authorizations for credit checks, medical
information releases, Employer information,

Decrypted and extracted data formats will be well known for easy processing
say XML

The behavior of the object will be settable by ME

1) One-time use only, within 10 minutes
2) Life of two days
  Or maybe...
3) Data extract WILL require successful sequence of: E-mail known-only-to-me
encrypted message, I (or software) responds within a time period with a
message and data extract is made available

To start the process of data extract will require a PIN, Public key supplied
by me...

Bob Sawken
GRC International
703-506-4988 - bsawken@grci.com    
Fax: 703-506-4696
Received on Monday, 15 February 1999 14:21:43 UTC

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