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Customize P3P Policy

From: Gammel, Denise <Denise.Gammel@rrb.gov>
Date: Mon, 29 Mar 2004 11:48:43 -0600
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To what extent can a P3P policy be customized?  We have looked at P3P compliant websites from the list offered on the W3C (<http://www.w3.org/P3P/compliant_sites>).  It seems there is very little customizing.  Is this because the text of a policy must be standard in order for the P3P to be recognized by the user agents?

We understand that each Statement must have the following components:  "why is this information collected", "who has access to this information", and "how long is this information retained".  We would like to have a customized response to the question "Who has access to this information", but it seems all we can do is create the response everyone else has, namely, "This Web site, entities for whom it is acting as an agent, and/or entities acting as its agent. An agent in this instance is defined as a third party that processes data only for the completion of the stated purpose, such as a shipping firm or printing service."

We are using IBM's P3P Policy Editor.   Other than providing a unique name for each policy statement, we do not believe customization is an option.  The P3P text that displays is a result of options we select in the P3P Editor's Group Properties tab.  You don't get a chance to write your own text.  Can anyone confirm?

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