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IE6 Third Party Compact Policy

From: Brad Metzler <BMetzler@cu-portland.edu>
Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2001 14:28:45 -0800
Message-ID: <025836EFF856D411A6660090272811E60C0727@email.cu-portland.edu>
To: "'www-p3p-policy@w3.org'" <www-p3p-policy@w3.org>
I'm stuck. 
I have tried making a compact policy with the IBM P3P generator. I have
tried 'borrowing' several others from achived posts. I have tried making
some simple ones by hand with only the elements I thought I needed.

I have a site, using frames with content from a third party site for all the
dynamic functionality, that relies on a cookie to maintain a session ID.
This entire site is now 'broken' for IE6 users. 

Two problems I am having trouble working around are:

a) How to get the compact policy into the header on the third party content
pages? The content pages are two directories deep on a hosting server, so I
have no access to the server's configuration to put header in there. I also
have no access to the server root to make a w3c directory so I'm lost for
how to make a full policy work either, but that's another issue. I have
tried using a meta tag (below) to insert the compact header (and does get
get into the header actually) but that doesn't seem to fix the problem with
the cookie. Can I use the meta tag method? If no, what does one use with no
access to the server config?

<meta http-equiv="P3P" content="CP = NOI DEVa TAIa OUR BUS UNI">

b) What is a policy that will work for third party cookies? I am using the
first policy below presently, but like I mentioned I have tried several

CP="NOI DEVa TAIa OUR BUS UNI"   (IBM P3P generator output)

An additional question: It appears from reading through Microsoft resources,
that simply providing the compact policy should be enough to fix the
problem. Is this in fact true?

Thanks for any insight, after reading the spec and every resource I can find
on the web for the last 4 days straight, this has gotten pretty frustrating.

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