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Re: Policy Generator and XML Generator questions.

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Date: Thu, 8 Nov 2001 08:49:08 +1100
To: "Martin Presler-Marshall" <mpresler@us.ibm.com>
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From reading the 28 Sept Working Draft, am I right in thinking the editor 
is missing a few bits and bobs or am I just having trouble finding them?
Specifically I'm thinking of <NON-IDENTIFIABLE/> tag.  but I may be 
tripping. :)

According to the help text, it supports the December 2000 draft. Are there 
plans or a timeline to support the Sept 2001 draft? Or do you think it's 
not worth worrying about and that my P3P policy should be implemented with 
the Dec 2000 draft in mind rather then the newer draft as agents like IE6 
probably only observe the Dec 2000 draft anyway.


"Martin Presler-Marshall" <mpresler@us.ibm.com>
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     The IBM P3P policy editor isn't based on a set of questions asked to
the user; instead, it allows the user to directly manipulate the elements
of a P3P policy, and then use dialog boxes to set their properties. Most 
the terminology that our editor uses is directly out of the P3P
specification; for example, our online help defines all of the possible
purposes, recipients, and so on using the definition copied verbatim from
the P3P specification. In some places, we used our own terms; for example,
we group purposes into a set of higher-level purposes ("common purposes",
"anonymous user tracking", and so on). Since those groups of purposes are
not defined by P3P, we had to create our own terms.

     The IBM P3P policy editor has been revised several times since its
initial release last year.

     -- Martin

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Generator and XML Generator questions. 
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I need to sit down with lawyers and generate through concise and correct
Privacy Statements, both in human readable form and in XML. In my recent
travels through the web I have found the a few policy generators that are
up and working.

Is there a standard list of questions?  Do all of these policy generators
based their forms on the same base document? Or is all the human language
accompanying these generators created independantly by the generators
author - reverse engineered from the underlying XML required for P3P.

Would anyone be so kind as to explain the genesis/origination of the
policy generators and let me know if they all encompass exactly the same
questions and/or if the language and information explaining the choices
grew from the same documents and if so, what this document is.

Have the questions on these generators changed at all in the past 2 years?
Would I be as safe using IBMs generator or Yuichi Koikes generator --  as
PrivacyBot? (for example)

Thanks for your time, even partial answers appreciated. Our current
project sites are exceedingly complex and we want to do this right.

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