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Candidate Recomendation

From: Dave Turner <dt@od2.com>
Date: Wed, 5 Dec 2001 08:54:20 -0000
To: "'P3p-Policy'" <www-p3p-policy@w3.org>
Message-ID: <000001c17d6a$6dcafef0$b100a8c0@od2.co.uk>

  We (On Demand Distribution PLC) have been trying to keep up to date
with the development of the P3P specification due to the majority of our
clients using Internet Explorer 6.  We have had problems from our first
attempt to implement the specification, not really with it not working,
but being unable to get consistent results.  However we now find
ourselves in a position where our setup is adequate and other than
generally keeping the "privacy" side of the platform up to date, we
planned to stop updating to the latest P3P specification, until final
agreement has been reached on what it will actually be.  Therefore my
question is; is there any proposed timescale for a) movement to the next
stage of specification development (erm, Proposed Recommendation I
believe) b) for a final specification to be released.

   I understand that development of a standard such as this is complex,
but the feeling here and amongst other Content Providers I have spoken
to in the UK is that whilst IE6 is not giving consistent results as
regards P3P, sites are using erroneous privacy statements to get around
problems and users are just setting there privacy setting to low.  If
this goes on for a lot longer, I feel that the procedure for using P3P
will become more of an annoyance and switched off rather than widely
adopted and used, as we all hope for.


Dave Turner
Notice: All opinions expressed in this Email are my own and are no
reflection on the policies or opinions of On Demand Distribution PLC
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