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Minutes from P3P interop-call

From: Rigo Wenning <rigo@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 2 May 2000 17:20:06 +0200
To: www-p3p-interop@w3.org
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P3P June 21 Interoperability Session
Information Call
954-797-1657  code 919451
Tuesday, May 2, 2000
10 AM - 11 AM Eastern
TENTATIVE AGENDA (revised 5/1)
I. Welcome and overview of interop participants
A. Internet User Tool Developers
B. Business Tool Developers
C. Consumer Web Sites with Privacy Policies
D. Observers
(10 - 10:10)- Harriett Pearson, IBM, P3P Policy and Outreach Working Group
(10:10-10:20) Questions

II. Introductions - Tell us who you are and what your interest in the
interop is
(and whether you plan to bring a demo or post your privacy policy in P3P)
II. P3P Specification Status Update
(10:30 - 10:35) - Lorrie Cranor, AT&T, P3P Specification Working Group Chair
(10:35 - 10:40) - Questions

III. How the Interop will Work
(10:40 - 10:45) - Deirdre Mulligan, Center for Democracy and Technology,
P3P Policy and Outreach Working Group Co-Chair
(10:45 - 11:00) Questions

Welcome from Harriet Pearson IBM (Chair)

Lorrie Cranor presented different categories of participants.
Privacy Activists

Martin Pressler Marshall (IBM, Implementation)
Nanette Cologne (Realnames, Observer)
Jill Oliver (Citigroup, Privacy Officer)
Alan Slater (Citigroup, Privacy Officer
Mel Peterson (Procter & Gamble, Privacy Policy for Demonstration)
Drummond Reed (OneName, Implementation)
Lorrie Cranor (Providing Privacy Policy in P3P-Format)
Betsy Borrow (OneName, Implementation)
This person, I missed the spelling, please respond (Infomediary  implementation)
David Zimmerman (implementation
John Saboe (Security and Trust Alliance, Observer)
Cady (implementation
Deirdre Mulligan (CDT, Providing a policy)
Ari Schwartz (CDT, Providing a policy)
Jonathan Hamel (Ihaven, Observer)
Eric Brunner (Engage, Implementation)
Chris Woods, (FollowUp.Net, Tool for customer relations)

Lorrie: We want to have stable spec and want to answer last minute comments. 
We want to have a new public draft in the next one week or two. This should 
be the WD you should rely on for the interop. We try to get to CR before 
the interop. 

Eric: Where get answers to comments about the Spec posted?
Lorrie: All answers will get to the public mailing-list 

Deirdre: If a new draft comes up, update will send to the mailing-list
archive is: http://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/www-p3p-interop/

Welcome. Happy to have so many people, also to have Observer

Someone from W3C will present P3P in general. Then everybody has five 
minutes to present his implementation and the status of it. Break to 
talk together. Additional break with implementers and the Spec-Group 
without observers to get feedback from implementers and address perhaps 

Harriet: We hope to have observers, and perhaps they want to stay?
Deirdre: We are open to other suggestions 

John: what is the breakout of time?
Lorrie: Part is determined of how many implementations we'll have. Afterwards, we 
could have informal discussions.

Nanette: You could have benefit form having observer, so why do you want to 
exclude them?
Alan: Also agree with Nanette
Drummond: agrees too

Harriet: We will come back to the group with a proposal on the mailing-list.
Deirdre: The press will also be there and we should determine, what they 
         can see and what implementers do not want to show them.

Deirdre: Questions on Structure?

Lorrie: We'll start from 10 to 12, break for lunch after the
Lorrie: We'll reserve for the previous afternoon.

Eric: Who is setting up the network etc..
Drummond: What is the plan for connectivity. 
Lorrie: Room is not fixed installation. 
Lorrie: We'll provide more information about network over the mailing-list. 

Lorrie: Details of how this works is expected for first week of June.

Lorrie: Have also interest from outside US. 

Ri: European Implementation expected: http://sit.gmd.de/MINT/
    The implementation is called DASIT, but contains no P3P yet, 
    but they will go for it.

Deirdre: Be free to use the mailing-list for discussion and question 
to W3C and the Working-Group. (www-p3p-interop@w3.org) Remember, that 
this Mailing-List is archived in public space on W3C's Web-Site:

Chris Woods: Joined a bit late: Presentation of Marketing background 
Marketing: Show how we deal to with exchange of information with the 
customer. Perhaps we'll envision to implement P3P.

No other call planned for the moment, but you can request one, if you 
feel the need over the mailing-list www-p3p-interop@w3.org

10H45 Adjourned
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