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RE: DRAFT talking points for review

From: Brunner, Eric <EBrunner@Engage.com>
Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 10:29:52 -0400
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Please mention Netscape as leaving the browser reference to IE & MZ is
slightly misleading for the majority of readers who won't infer that MZ -->
NS (...).


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> Subject: DRAFT talking points for review
> The draft interop talking points document is at 
> http://www.w3.org/2000/06/09-p3p-interop-talking.html and 
> appended to the 
> bottom of this message. There are quite rough. Comments and 
> edits are welcomed.
> The agenda for today's call is also here:
> Agenda:
> -Review Interop Agenda 
> http://www.w3.org/P3P/interop-agenda-21062000.html
> -Review Interop Talking Points 
> http://www.w3.org/2000/06/09-p3p-interop-talking.html
> -Discuss collateral material for event
> -Logistics for circulating individual press releases
> Call Time: 12:00noon - 1:30pm EDT (1600-1730Z)
> Call-in logistics: +1.734.414.0268; participant code: 863392. 
> If you have 
> any problems during the call, you the host may hit # 0. In 
> the event of 
> difficulty, call Lesley DeFlavis at W3C, +1.617.253.2613.
> DRAFT Platform for Privacy Preferences Interop Talking Points
> 21 June 2000
> New York, NY USA
> Talking Points:
> 	The Interop: Over @@30@@ leading technology companies 
> and privacy 
> advocates will gather in New York to conduct the first public 
> tests of 
> W3C's emerging Web privacy standard, the Platform for Privacy 
> Preferences 
> (P3P). The purpose of this interoperability testing day is to 
> provide P3P 
> developers the opportunity to test their products with other 
> P3P services 
> and provide input into the P3P design process. The tools 
> tested today are 
> early versions of P3P-compliant tools expected to be offered 
> to end users 
> in the coming year.
> 	Function: P3P-enabled services will enhance user 
> control by putting 
> privacy policies where users can find them, present policies 
> in a form that 
> users can understand them, and enable users to act on what 
> they see in 
> policies more easily. For ecommerce services and other Web 
> sites, P3P can 
> be used to offer seamless browsing experience for customers 
> without leaving 
> them guessing about privacy. P3P project will enable the 
> marketplace to 
> deliver software tools and services that enhance user's 
> knowledge of Web 
> sites' information practices and give users more control over their 
> personal information.
> 	Interop Participants: A variety of software and 
> services will be tested:
> 	5 P3P-compatible Web clients (includes software 
> compatible with both 
> Microsoft Internet Explorer and the Mozilla browser.
> 	3 P3P policy generators, to enable sites to translate 
> their privacy 
> policies into P3P.
> 	8 major Web sites with P3P-compliant privacy policies 
> (includes AT&T, 
> AOL, Center for Democracy and Technology, FTC?, TrustE, 
> Hewlett-Packard, 
> IBM, Microsoft, Proctor & Gamble, White House?.)
> 	A complete list of all participant's software/services 
> is at @@URI@@.
> 	P3P Draws International Participation: P3P enables 
> privacy policies to be 
> read in a variety of languages, so that surfers can travel to 
> sites around 
> the world and remain aware of their privacy rights. The P3P privacy 
> vocabulary is adaptable to cover the diversity of privacy regulations 
> around the world. P3P-compliant software from Germany and 
> Japan will be 
> demonstrated at this Interop. A second interop event is 
> planned for Venice, 
> Italy on 11 September 2000.
> 	P3P Status: P3P is a technology standard under 
> development at the World 
> Wide Web Consortium. Designed with the active involvement of leading 
> Internet technology companies, privacy advocates and 
> regulators from around 
> the world, and major commercial users, P3P represents the broadest 
> technical consensus on how to design tools that enhance privacy and 
> commerce on the Web. Currently in draft form, the P3P 
> specification will 
> advance through the W3C process toward a final standard over 
> the next year. 
> The experience of implementers around the world, including those 
> participating at this Interop, will be critical in shaping the final 
> technology design. The latest draft can be found at 

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