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Privacy Enhancing Technology Demonstration opportunities

From: Ari Schwartz <ari@cdt.org>
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2000 15:11:04 -0400
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A Request from the Internet Education Foundation

We are looking for companies and organizations that can
demonstrate privacy enhancing technology solutions to
policymakers at two "Privacy Technology Fairs" at the end of
September.  The idea is to gather a diverse group of
state-of-the-art privacy enhancing technologies and display them
for policymakers in Washington, DC. The Internet Education
Foundation (IEF) is hosting two such technology fairs during the
week of September 18.  In order to ensure that we have the best
ensemble of technologies represented, we are seeking submission
for potential demonstrators.  More details below.

ABOUT THE TECHNOLOGY FAIRS:  The technology fairs will be held in
an expo-type manner where demonstrators can show their products
to attendees.  Since these events will be held in government
buildings, demonstrators will be provided a 8 x 3 foot table to
demonstrate their technology (some type of telecommunications
will be provided).  Attendees will be free to peruse the various
demonstrations at their leisure -- assisted by the respective

DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE:  On Tuesday, September 19, the IEF will
coordinate at technology fair in the lobby of the Department of
Commerce. The DOC's National Telecommunications and Information
Administration (NTIA) is hosting a Workshop on "Online Privacy
Technologies" in the auditorium of the DOC building.  The
technology fair, coordinated by IEF, will be hosted in the lobby
outside the auditorium where Workshop attendees can view the
demonstrations before during and after the Workshop. More
information on the Workshop is provided at

CAPITOL HILL:  On Wednesday, September 20, the Internet Caucus
Advisory Committee will host a technology fair on Capitol Hill
(either in the Capitol Building or in one of the hearing rooms).
Members of Congress have asked to see a wide assortment of these
technologies to help inform the privacy debate. We hope to host
this fair for several hours during the course of the day that
will allow Members and staff to stop by and learn about privacy
enhancing technologies. We also intend to concentrate attention
on a time when Members can address attendees and press about the
implications of the technologies.

TYPES OF DEMONSTRATIONS SOUGHT:  Technologies that can enhance
consumer privacy are sought for these fairs.  We are seeking a
wide range of types technologies to consider and will pare them
down later.  Thus far, we have received submissions that include
the following technologies: cookie management, IP masking,
anonymous emailers, client and server side identity managers,
regulatory compliance software solutions, security solutions, P3P
implementation tools and privacy policy generators. There may be
other types of technologies appropriate for these technology
fairs and we would be interested in hearing your suggestions.

PROCESS FOR SUBMISSION:  In order to participate in these
technology fairs, please fill out the attached submission form
and return it via email asap to tim@neted.org.  We hope to select
from the list of demonstrators as soon as possible.

MORE INFORMATION:  More information about these events can be
found at the following URLs:


Please contact me with any questions (however, a completed
submission form is the most expeditious way to get involved --
time is running short).

Tim Lordan, Staff Counsel
Internet Education Foundation
1634 Eye Street, NW, Suite 1107
Washington, DC 20006
202-638-4370 tel, 202-637-0968 fax

Ari Schwartz
Policy Analyst
Center for Democracy and Technology
1634 I Street NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20006
202 637 9800
fax 202 637 0968
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