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Re: Emotion Markup Language (EmotionML) 1.0

From: Michael Norton <michaelanortonster@gmail.com>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2009 15:04:57 -0500
Message-ID: <8d787abb0912141204p45d14fd9ma6c32c261f9eb7f5@mail.gmail.com>
To: Marc Schroeder <schroed@dfki.de>
Cc: www-multimodal@w3.org, timbl@w3.org
Hi Marc,

Speaking of "far behind", I am currently processing my application for
commission with the U.S. Navy and its Officer Candidate School in particular
because, not to mention its opportunity in the fields of technology,
service, and learning, it pays "well".  You see, I have found that creative
writing to date, for me, does not pay that well!  That said, I wonder if you
may be able to help me in my search for a position that offers growth,
opportunity, and a shared interest in things important and worthwhile?

If needed, I could be secretary with your EmotionML group and, hindsight
being 20/20, we could work to formulate what critical working group would
arise say, nine years from now~;)

Sincerely yours,

Michael Norton
(216) 381-9565 (US)

On Mon, Dec 14, 2009 at 2:15 PM, Marc Schroeder <schroed@dfki.de> wrote:

> Dear Michael Norton,
> thanks for your encouragement! As usual fiction is ahead of reality, but in
> this particular case we are not *that* far behind :-)
> The "romance" category may not be appropriate in all of our use cases, but
> I guess in some it might. I was more thinking of "frustration",
> "encouragement", "impatience" etc. in the context of human-computer
> interaction...
> In any case, thanks for the heads up!
> Best regards,
> Marc  Schröder, EmotionML Editor
> Michael Norton schrieb:
> Dear Team EmotionML,
>>  Happy holidays!  When I was 26, one of the last lines in my novel, "A
>> Line in the Sand" (iUniverse, 2002), was "The absolute in markup languages
>> would be the romantic one, for me: EmotionML."
>>  It is both comforting and encouraging to know that I am not alone in my
>> thoughts.   I wish you the best of success in embarking upon your venture.
>>  Sincerely,
>>  Michael A. Norton
>> (216) 381-9565
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>> "Dreams are likeable escalators.  When operational, they always go up or
>> down, and the steps among them are perceptibly infinite." --Linneus von
>> Loope
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"Dreams are likeable escalators.  When operational, they always go up or
down, and the steps among them are perceptibly infinite." --Linneus von
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