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whats is up in development?

From: Clayton <drfrog@smartt.com>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 1998 14:32:20 -0800
Message-ID: <35086274.561B93D0@smartt.com>
To: "www-multimedia@w3.org" <www-multimedia@w3.org>
Hi, i haven't been to up on all the rtp stuff,

I know of the cmt software etc, what i'd like to find out is what people
are using and liking to use

I run win95 and linux, I would prefer a java app/applet

i do a lot of vrml, the new vrml streaming is of interest too
of course that is what brings me here!{that and my new adsl line!}

since java can be used in the vrml script node {jsai not eai which is
external, but also java!}
it seems logical to use this language as the focus
for more info on vrml streaming go to http://www.vrml.org/WorkingGroups

of course don't forget to check out mpeg4 task group as well!
expect delays because of heavy construction
remember speed fines are doubled in construction zones!


 Smash the symbols of the Empire in the name of 
nothing but the heart's longing for grace. 
		 -Hakim Bey
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