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icast c:tv 3.0 beta release

From: Vinay Kumar <vinay@icast.com>
Date: Sat, 30 May 1998 11:25:55 -0700
Message-ID: <35704F33.6EAE@icast.com>
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"icast c:tv 3.0" is the stadards based IP multicast software solution to
enable "professionally managed multimedia broadcasts on the web" . c:tv

- viewer & guide 3.0, 95/NT/MacOS8:
     software for finding live or pre-recorded events and viewing the
corresponding audio, video, text streams. includes video codecs (h.263,
h.261), audio (gsm, dvi, pcm).

- iss (icast server suite) 3.0, NT includes:
     recorder server: records and playsback any ip multicast stream.
     relay server: allows ppp/slip users to access ip multicast streams.
     meter server: enables metering of streams, audience profiling etc.
iss runs as an NT service.

- streamsMeter client 3.0, 95/NT
    viewer to connect to icast meter server and meter streams and
profile audience viewership.

- broadcaster, 2.2.1, 95/NT
    server to transmit h.261, h.263 live video IP multicast streams; or
pre-recorded AVI files.

as you can see, we are fully committed to the advancement of open ietf
standards based IP Multicast protocols (web, rtp, rtcp, sap, sdp, h261,
et.al.) and applications.

c:tv enables broadcasters to use the MBone (the Internet
Multicast/Multimedia Backbone) and the Web as the next generation medium
for internet broadcasting. 

Download site: http://www.icast.com/evalform.html
submit bug-reports to: support@icast.com
ICAST website: http://www.icast.com/

we will do our best to fix outstanding bugs, problems and
interoperability issues in our products. please report bugs to:
support@icast.com. we look forward to working with you.

happiness and regards
icast corp.
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