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Re: Comments on CC/PP Structure and Vocabularies Last Call WD

From: Luu Tran <Luu.Tran@Sun.COM>
Date: Wed, 10 Sep 2003 08:32:16 -0700
To: Francesco CannistrÓ <fracan@inwind.it>
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Hi Francesco,

Thanks for your further comments:


Please let us know if our responses are ok.

Luu Tran

5. Section 3.1 Components

It seems that the problems you point out arise only when the vocabulary
context in which a producer creates a profile is different from the
vocabulary context in which a consumer uses a profile.  If the
vocabulary context is the same, then if a producer creates a profile
with components that don't have explicit type information and which
contain only attributes that are specific to a given component type as
defined in the producer's vocabulary context, then a consumer operating
in the same vocabulary context will be able to disambiguate all the
components and interpret them properly.

If the vocabulary context is not the same between a producer and a
consumer, then there are quite a few other problems that arise, beyond
what you've pointed out.  For example, if a consumer is not configured
to recognize a particular namespace and associate it with a particular
vocabulary, then it will not be able to validate any profile which uses
that namespace.  It is therefore assumed that the vocabulary context is
the same between the producer and consumer.  The mechanism by which this
is accomplished may vary and is beyond the scope of this document.

10. Section 5.1 CC/PP Document Conformance (conformance criterium 1)

We will replace:

"based on a vocabulary conforming to the RDF Schema in Appendix B"


"based on one or more vocabularies derived from the RDF Schema in
Appendix B"

14. Compatibility with UAProf

The validity of UAProf namespaces applies to qualifiers of components
and defaults/Defaults.  This does not imply use of the UAProf attribute

We do acknowledge that there is room for further convergence, but much
of that work is beyond the scope of this document.  We would like to
defer what might be done within the scope of this document to a
potential future release.
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