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RE: SMS via Email

From: MUHAMAD BASEME <p500@pbad.sbg.com.sa>
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 09:53:37 +0300
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To: <sharjeel@cres-tech.com>
Cc: www-mobile@w3.org

Thank you Sharjeel for replying
Should you extend your help to me and provide me with a network domain 
which service cover Saudi Arabia, Syria ?


At 17:50 28/10/02 +0500, you wrote:
>There is no generic answer to this question. But most Network providers
>have an email assigned for each of their subscribers. Most emails are in
>the format <cell number>@<network domain>. The email is delivered on the
>subscriber through an SMS
>Sharjeel Lasharie
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>Is there any way to send short messages to mobile anywhere for a
>internet user ?
>I have ONLY Email.
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