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Re: WML deck size limitation...

From: Seishi TSUKADA <tsukada@mmd.yrp.nttdocomo.co.jp>
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 16:56:29 +0900
Message-Id: <4.3.1-J.20010330164338.00be6c10@mmd.yrp.nttdocomo.co.jp>
To: Ashwini Tambi <ashwini_tambi@yahoo.com>, www-mobile@w3c.org
Hi Ashwini

My understand is the limitation of packet size comes from
the WAP protocol, WSP (Wireless Session Protocol).
The default value of WSP packet size is 1400 byte, which
include WML contents and WSP header.
WAP Gateway encodes a WML file and sends the encoded file
to the WAP terminal, so the size of WML text file (before encoded)
may be larger than 1400 byte.

Best Reards
Seishi Tsukada

At 21:34 01/03/29 -0800, Ashwini Tambi wrote:
>I am a beginner in WML programming world and currently
>I am porting one PC-based website for mobile phones.
>The existing website contains ASP pages with HTML
>which I have transformed into WML. I have tested the
>website using Nokia WAP toolkit 2.0 emulator and it
>works fine. However, when I test the same website
>using the actual Nokia 7110 cellphone, it does not
>work properly all throughout. While browsing the site,
>the initial 3 decks are shown properly but when I
>attempt to go to the next deck by clicking next
>button, it says "connection time out" after a while.
>I found that the size of the .wmlc file for this deck
>is ~2k. Is this the only problem ? The size limitation
>sounds to be a very common problem. One apparent
>solution is to redesign the website and sub-divide one
>deck into multiple decks to limit the size of .wmlc
>file below 1400 bytes. However, it is not readily
>acceptable in my case. Any other solution ?
>Is there any other aspect of the problem I am
>overlooking ?
>Looking forward to your expert suggestions.
>Thanks with regards,
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