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RE: html to wml converter

From: Abhijit Gore <abhijitgore@mindspring.com>
Date: Sat, 6 Jan 2001 02:22:29 -0800
To: <www-mobile@w3.org>
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hi Norberto,
  Attempts are being made by several organizations to 'Transform' HTML to
HTML conversion is painstaking and ugly. Here are a few pointers to
companies which
offer something similar in different shapes n sizes www.avantgo.com ,
www.tantau.com ,  www.clickmarks.com
www.air2web.com , www.yodlee.com etc

  If you are looking for a technical solution, then something to do with
XSL, XHTML comes to my mind.
this article would give you a good idea.


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Hi Norberto,
There are some finished applications that i know of, havn't tried them
myself yet...
Oracle Portal To Go from Oracle http://technet.oracle.com
WapTool from argogroup

Regarding the question on UMTS, I assume that you mean markup syntax for
UMTS. The answer to this question is that UMTS is a bearer of information
thus it can be any syntax. DoCoMo will propably stay with CHTML, while WAP
world might exchange WML for a light version of XHTML.

Hope that gives you some help.

Tomas Majak

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From: norberto@eresmas.com [mailto:norberto@eresmas.com]
Sent: den 4 januari 2001 19:38
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Subject: html to wml converter

my name is Norberto Chatlani, and I am insterested on html-wml
converters. I want to know how is this kind of programs.
Another question I ask is what is the language of UMTS (if it has a
specific one).

Thank you

In Spanish:
Hola me llamo Norberto Chatlani, y estoy interesado en los traductores
de html-wml. Exactamente quería saber en qué estadío se encuentran
estos programas.
Otra pregunta que querría hacer es si la tecnología UMTS utiliza
lenguaje wml, o si por lo contrario, tiene uno específico.
Gracias a todos

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