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Re: positioning aware applications

From: Graham Brown <graham.brown@thewapgroup.com>
Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2000 21:23:51 -0000
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We are organising a get together (a knowledge share and networking evening
of drinks) of LBS experts in London and would like to gauge the feasibility
of support in the London & UK area.

Let me know.



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From: Ron Lake <rlake@galdosinc.com>
To: Marek Tiits <marek@ibs.ee>
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Sent: Thursday, November 16, 2000 1:00 PM
Subject: Re: positioning aware applications

We are working on integration of SOAP and GML (Geography Markup Language).



Marek Tiits wrote:

> Hi,
> > I am working on a project in which we would like to integrate
> > the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) and CC/PP. Is there
> > any literature for, or work in progress in this area? It
> There have been different projects on-going for some time in Estonia,
> aim at development and testing MPS (GSM based mobile positioning system)
> based information services. Namely Ericsson, local GSM operator and
> geographic information company are very active here.
> Also action line for this theme is currently open (see below, deadline 15
> January 2001) under the Information Society Technologies
> (www.cordis.lu/ist/) programme and we are considering extending the scope
> the current developments here.
> Best rgds,
> Marek
> ---8<---
> IST 2000 - V.1.3 CPA3: Ubiquitous and intelligent info-mobility and
> geo-information systems
> Objectives: The aim is to develop, demonstrate and validate new/improved
> user friendly info-mobility services for transport/travel, business,
> tourism, leisure and other applications. These should be realised by
> fixed/mobile communications with navigation/positioning, efficient
> transmission and delivery over the network as well geo-information. These
> services allow the mobile citizen to have seamless access to, and
> interaction with personalised - location dependent when necessary- rich
> content multimedia information, and are at the same time essential parts
> the autonomous and self-configuring business structures that are emerging
> electronic business.
> Focus:
> The work will address different aspects of mobility (including virtual
> mobility) and will cover, in particular, the following topics:
> ? Info-mobility systems and services which exploit and build on the
> and future telecommunications, navigation and positioning networks, based
> terrestrial and satellite (GNSS) infrastructures
> ? Integration of telecommunications, navigation and positioning systems
> geographical information systems
> ? Development of technologies and tools for mainstreaming the use of
> geographic information also for info-mobility services, including
> large-scale heterogeneous and distributed collection of geo-spatial data
> for creating a sustainable European landscape for geographic data
> use, management and publishing
> ? Creation of new models, concepts and functionality into multimedia
> geo-information content, to improve its availability, accessibility,
> acceptability and usability, including dynamic environments and 4D
> applications
> ? Development and validation of new mobile eCommerce and eWork business
> models, solutions and practises for travel/transport and related
> info-mobility services.
> ? Information access and interaction techniques, including intelligent
> interfaces for multifaceted presentation of information.
> Priority is given to user driven, interactive systems and services
> simultaneously contributing towards more efficient, information-based use
> the transport infrastructure. Due attention must be given to
> usability, dependability, quality, safety, privacy and trust of
> and services, and to legal and ownership issues. Test-beds can be used for
> testing interoperability of the developed systems and services, and for
> demonstrating interoperability and integration.
> Type of actions addressed: RTD
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