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RE: MML Information

From: RAVIKANTH VARAHAGIRI <ravikanth.varahagiri@wipro.com>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 21:05:51 +0530
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To: "'Andrea Hoffmann'" <andrea@girigiri.co.jp>
Cc: "www-mobile@w3.org" <www-mobile@w3.org>
Hi Andrea,

Sometime back (mid 1999), when we are looking for the same information, we 
hit the following page in our Web Search  http://www.mobidy.keo.ac.jp/.  We 
were able to get the MML information from this Mobidy Project.  Most of 
these pages are in Japanese except the speicficaion of MML.

Strangly  J-Phone is very quite (in english. they might be "speaking" in 
Japanese ;-) ) on their pages regarding MML or Content creation for SkyWeb 
services (mid 1999).  They do not refer to Mobidy, even though Mobidy 
refers to J-phone.  It is possible that  J-phone has this information in 
Japanese or possibly they would like to restrict the access to this 
information. Hence, use of any information on these pages could violate any 
of the copyrights or patents of somebody who owns these pages. It is 
possible that they might have left these pages unintenionally unsecure. 
Please check with them before you use this information. As SkyWeb was not 
in our focus at that time, we did not dig it further to find more about 
this information.



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From: 	Andrea Hoffmann[SMTP:andrea@girigiri.co.jp]
Sent: 	Monday, March 06, 2000 8:36 AM
To: 	Sandeep Hundal
Cc: 	kt@nttlabs.com; www-mobile@w3.org
Subject: 	[Moderator Action] Re: WAP Competitors ?

Hi Sandeep, hi all,

> Actually I had a feeling that NTT's services might be a WAP 

at least in Japan this is more than true since NTT Docomo's i-mode
is *much* more popular than the wap service of the main competitor
cdmaone (which uses hdml and not wml by the way). according to
japanese magazines however there will probably be a merge between
wap and i-mode in the future.

What I read so far is that both NTT and CdmaOne are trying to find
a joined aggreement and want to create a standard combining the
advantages of both systems in cooperation with the W3C. I also
read that future i-mode mobile phones will be wap compliant (=can
access wap pages).

Besides wap and i-mode at least in Japan there is one more
quite new service called skyweb which has been developed by
J-Phone (http://www.j-phone.com). The service uses mml (mobile
markup language). Unfortunately I could not found any specs
about it until now but this short note in Japanese:
http://www.fromtokyo.com/i-con/mml.htm, which says that you can
use pages made for i-mode also for MML based skyweb.

MML also seems to be not yet submitted to the W3C...

> Has W3C collaborated with NTT on the development of WAP or any
> recommendations ?? Is C-HTML something the W3C is looking into ??

well, C-HTML was at least submitted to the W3C as a note:


I would be very happy to hear any news and hints about
this topic since I started recently developing a phone
based internet service in Japan and would like to learn
as much as possible in this new area. I will also try to
answer any questions of other people here to my best

Since this is my first mail here I hope that this is also
ok as my introduction to the list. I am still very new to
the mobile world so please excuse if I maybe wrongfully
mixed some terms and standards.

If you are interested, I would also like to publish the
URL of our new mobile phone service here as soon as the
prototype has passed the alpha-status.

Andrea Hoffmann
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