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Fw: [Moderator Action] Re: WAP Competitors ?

From: Takuya ASADA <asada@w3.org>
Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 16:37:55 +0900
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Hi Sandeep, hi all,

> Actually I had a feeling that NTT's services might be a WAP competitor....

at least in Japan this is more than true since NTT Docomo's i-mode 
is *much* more popular than the wap service of the main competitor 
cdmaone (which uses hdml and not wml by the way). according to 
japanese magazines however there will probably be a merge between 
wap and i-mode in the future. 

What I read so far is that both NTT and CdmaOne are trying to find 
a joined aggreement and want to create a standard combining the 
advantages of both systems in cooperation with the W3C. I also 
read that future i-mode mobile phones will be wap compliant (=can 
access wap pages).

Besides wap and i-mode at least in Japan there is one more 
quite new service called skyweb which has been developed by 
J-Phone (http://www.j-phone.com). The service uses mml (mobile 
markup language). Unfortunately I could not found any specs 
about it until now but this short note in Japanese:
http://www.fromtokyo.com/i-con/mml.htm, which says that you can 
use pages made for i-mode also for MML based skyweb. 

MML also seems to be not yet submitted to the W3C...

> Has W3C collaborated with NTT on the development of WAP or any
> recommendations ?? Is C-HTML something the W3C is looking into ??

well, C-HTML was at least submitted to the W3C as a note:


I would be very happy to hear any news and hints about 
this topic since I started recently developing a phone 
based internet service in Japan and would like to learn 
as much as possible in this new area. I will also try to 
answer any questions of other people here to my best 

Since this is my first mail here I hope that this is also 
ok as my introduction to the list. I am still very new to 
the mobile world so please excuse if I maybe wrongfully 
mixed some terms and standards.

If you are interested, I would also like to publish the 
URL of our new mobile phone service here as soon as the 
prototype has passed the alpha-status.

Andrea Hoffmann
Andrea Hoffmann - Webmaster & Product Development
webmaster@girigiri.co.jp -- http://girigiri.co.jp
Phone:  +81-3-5731-6270  --  Fax: +81-3-5731-6272
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