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Web based business, needs your help!

From: <CBRent_2000@yahoo.com>
Date: Mon, 6 Dec 1999 12:33:18 EDT
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CbR Enterprises						12:15 PM 12/6/99

Click start your future with an Internet-based business!

    As you may have heard Quixtar.com (online shopping site) was 
launched September 1st 1999, viewed by millions of people all over the 
USA. The user friendly site hosts more than 20,000 pages, and has signed
agreements with more than 60 online partners (stores) and the list 
continues to grow!

This is not a get rich quick business, if thats what you are looking 
for, you will not find it here!

    Quixtar is a business opportunity designed for each individual in 
mind. I mean it is your business , you set the pace and you build it as
fast as you want. No quotas required; you set your own quotas!

    This buisness is going to make a lot of people truly free. Freedom 
in the since that you will no longer trade time for money. This is the
traditional way most people are making a living. You work 40, 50 or even
more hours a week for an hourly wage or salary, and if you want more 
income you are expected to give your employer more of your precious 

    We are truly at the right place, at the right time and more 
importantly, ahead of time.

    With Quixtar each and every opportunity provides new and exciting 
ways to generate residual continued, sustained income. Which is willable 
to the ones we most care about, our children.

    I know you work hard each and every day of your life to succeed. It 
is also true that you are looking for somthing to fill an empty void in 
your life or you would not be reading this. You owe it to yourself and 
to those that love you. Give this opportunity a fair chance, it can 
truly provide whatever you are looking for and fill that void (or dream 
as we call it).

So lets build this together.

Please feel free to respond back to me. I can be reached in the 
following ways;
E-mail address



or feel free to give me a call at

    For more information PLEASE visit www.pronetonline.com use the 
password #0335931 and user name "Pronet". Then follow the instructions.

    Thank you for your time,
    Corey Crandell
    IBO# 2880203                                                         
    CBR Enterprises
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