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$7.95 for a 45 MB NT Hosting plan

From: <info@generalhosting.com>
Date: Sun, 29 Aug 1999 17:56 -0400
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 NT hosting plan : $7.95 FOR 45MB DISK SPACE, Unlimited Domain Names
 Are you paying for one hosting plan without optimizing usuable space?
 GENERAL HOSTING is pleased to offer you unlimited domain names plans.
 These NT hosting plans allow to:
 -benefit from our cost effective reliable Microsoft NT hosting plans
 -minimize your costs as you can host several domain names under one single
 -control your email accounts
 -be ecommerce ready
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 Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.
 Valerie Collins.
 SPECIAL OFFER: $7.95 FOR 45MB DISK SPACE, with the following features
 *** Unlimited domain names
 *** No set up fee for first transferred domain name (with purchase of ANY yearly plan)
 *** NT Server
 *** 1500 MB of data transfer, $0.08 per MB over 1500
 *** 2 Self-manageable mailboxes (with unlimited aliases pointing to these mailboxes)
 *** free domain name parking
 *** www.yourcompany.com registration
 *** Unlimited FTP Access
 *** Microsoft Frontpage extensions
 *** Your CGI Directory with a ever expanding PERL library
 *** Detailed web usage statistics
 *** Free ODBC support for MS Access, SQL, ...
 *** $0.50/ MB on any overage storage beyond 45MB
 *** $45 one-time set up fee per domain name
 509 Madison Avenue, PH
 New York, NY 10022
 If you do not wish to know about our future specials, please click here
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