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RE: Pearson Accessible Equation Editor

From: Daniel Marques <dani@wiris.com>
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2016 13:27:55 -0700
Message-ID: <ed44e8f7fe538571ed35871da57edb52@mail.gmail.com>
To: "Dooley, Sam" <sam.dooley@pearson.com>, www-math@w3.org
Hi Dooley,

I’ll be Wednesday at the CSUN conference. Eager to assist. When are you
doing the talks?


WIRIS math

*From:* Dooley, Sam [mailto:sam.dooley@pearson.com]
*Sent:* lunes, 21 de marzo de 2016 11:10
*To:* www-math@w3.org
*Subject:* Pearson Accessible Equation Editor

Hello all,

I would like to announce the Pearson Accessible Equation Editor.


The accessible equation editor allows sighted and visually-impaired users
to enter math expressions into a web page, which can immediately be read by
another user looking at the same page.  The equation editor supports
real-time translations from printed math to braille, and from braille to
printed math.  Details for how to use the editor may be found on the web

This equation editor has been used in the Pearson TestNav Assessment System
to collect over 15 million instances of Content MathML within the last
year, and has recently been extended to support the output and input of
Nemeth Braille using a refreshable braille device.

The braille support in the equation editor is still a very early alpha
version, but already includes a wide range of math notations.  Web site
access is free while testing is ongoing to bring the editor to a
product-ready state.  User documentation is also forthcoming, and so your
feedback on any aspect of the editor would be greatly appreciated.

I will be presenting four talks related to the equation editor at the CSUN
conference in San Diego from March 23-25, and I would be very interested to
meet with anyone on this list who will be there.

Sam Dooley


*Sam Dooley* | Manager, Software Development

*sam.dooley@pearson.com <sam.dooley@pearson.com>* | *Pearson* Always
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