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Re: Help get math turned back on in Chrome

From: Frédéric WANG <fred.wang@free.fr>
Date: Mon, 18 Feb 2013 09:19:28 +0100
Message-ID: <5121E410.9030700@free.fr>
To: www-math@w3.org
@Terry: Yes, I agree with you that ideally, native MathML should be used 
instead of a Javascript library. Again, rather than a polyfill, I think 
the MathJax project is better characterized by the fact that it allows 
more and more people to publish mathematical content on the Web. In the 
past, one had to write valid XHTML pages, serve them as 
application/xhtml+xml, ask people to install fonts or plugins and to use 
special converters for MathML. With MathJax, one just has to insert a 
line of code in the page and directly write LaTeX/AsciiMath in the HTML 
source. Of course there are limitations, those that you mention as well 
as others that have been raised in the MathJax community, but at the 
moment I think that's the best trade off between rendering quality and 
what people would expect from a native browser features. BTW, here is 
what Paul mentioned:


Regarding the fact that Mozilla should highlight the MathML support in 
Gecko, I think your case answers the question: for some reason you 
decided to switch from Firefox to Chrome and the lack of MathML support 
did not make you change your mind. So it seems that Chrome does some 
things better than Firefox and these features are more important for you 
than MathML. I think you're not the only one in that case and actually 
most people don't care about advanced mathematical notations, so from 
the point of view of browser competition it's not surprising that 
Mozilla puts more interest in other aspects of the browser...

Frédéric Wang
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