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Re: What is "f'(x)" as MathML?

From: Frédéric WANG <fred.wang@free.fr>
Date: Sat, 22 Jan 2011 09:01:07 +0100
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To: Will Robertson <wspr81@gmail.com>
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> Indeed. In OpenType maths, (in any well behaved maths font) the prime 
> symbol reverts to its non-subscripted form when the +ssty feature is 
> enabled to indicate the symbols are for use in a subscript/superscript 
> context. I don't know what the status is of browsers using OpenType 
> font features, but following this practice would seem sensible to me.
I'm interested in hearing more on that +ssty feature. A quick otfinfo on 
STIX, Asana and Cambria fonts shows that the first does not list that 
feature while the others do. How can we "enable" the feature and use it?

Frédéric Wang.
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