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RE: [MathML3-PR] Alignment with display="block"

From: Robert Miner <robertm@dessci.com>
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2010 09:11:00 -0700
Message-ID: <40A20C534FFFD5438E1A756DD25234D3010FF241@franklin.corp.dessci>
To: "Alex Milowski" <alex@milowski.org>, <www-math@w3.org>
IE + MathPlayer centers too.

We had a discussion at the time when Firefox made the choice.  We had
the same discussion then, and in the end, we concluded that the bigger
win was in having the web browser implementations agree, even though we
technically left it up to the implementation, since in other contexts
(like Word) the situation was different.  So we changed MathPlayer to
match Firefox.

Setting the theoretical discussion aside, I think you should just go
with that too in webkit.


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> > As far as the alignment of display blocks, it is
> > intentionally abstract. So, the containing document
> > type can specify it however it likes, as Murray
> > suggests. In the case of html, it could default
> > whatever way you like, but would be appropriate
> > to set with CSS, as Sam suggests.
> >
> That means that user agents, specifically browsers, can
> have different interpretations of how to align a block
> level math element.  So far, we have two interpretations
> that I know of:
>    * centered - Firefox
>    * left-aligned - Amaya, WebKit
> Users have filed a bug against WebKit, so there is at least
> some expectation that it should be centered by default.
> This is, of course, very easy to change but I'd rather it
> be against some recommendation.  It would be better
> to have a non-normative suggestion for a good default.
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