Hello All,
there are some news about MathEL, our mathematical authoring language and its supporting tools, I wanted to share with you.

First, we have integrated the JavaScript-based display engine MathJax into all pages of our math-enabled Wiki at  http://km-works.eu/mathel-wiki/
MathJax can translate presentation MathML into equivalent HTML+CSS and supports most modern browsers.
On top of that MathJax brings us TeX as an alternative input language to our own language MathEL, and thus a great opportunity to compare these languages to each other in the same environment.
You can testdrive these new features by adding a comment containing math to any page. See http://km-works.eu/mathel-wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=Math%20Zones for details on how to insert math into ordinary wiki text.

Second, we have enhanced our MathEL-to-MathML interactive formula translator at http://km-works.eu/mathel-interactive/ too. When using Firefox, you can now toggle between the browsers native MathML rendering and MathJax rendering.

As always your feedback is highly appreciated.

Very best regards,