Hello All,

I want to propose to the community an alternative input method for presentational MathML, consisting of:
  1. An ASCII-based DSL (domain specific language), called EULER, specifically designed for expressing mathematical formulas as a linear string of symbols. 
    Despite being easy to learn and - unlike TeX - highly readable it offers huge expressive power that is believed to cover even advanced mathematical notation requirements.
  2. A Java-based parser/code-generator that can translate the EULER language into (a large subset of) MathML 2.0
  3. An online demonstration facility at http://km-works.eu/euler-interactive/ you can use to test-drive and review EULER's capabilities.
  4. A set of tools that allow to translate EULER expressions embedded in XHTML files on the fly (web server or file system based).
EULER is still work in progress. It has stabilized but it still is in BETA and the language and its tool will most likely undergo some changes before its final release later this year. All kind of thoughts you might have about EULER, your criticism, concerns, encouragment, enthusiasm, etc is all highly welcome, and in fact very much needed in this phase of the project.

You can always reach me at christian.lerch@km-works.eu

Thank you for your interest!

Best regards,