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MathML3 and entity names

From: Joe Java <joe.java@eyeasme.com>
Date: Tue, 05 Jan 2010 09:53:29 -0700
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To: www-math@w3.org
It is a little confusing to read in
MathML3 3.1.1 "What Presentation Elements Represent"
Next to last paragraph.

Certain MathML characters are used to name identifiers or
operators that in traditional notation render the same as
other symbols or usually rendered invisibly. For example,
the entities &DifferentialD;, &ExponentialE;, and &ImaginaryI;
denote notational symbols semantically distinct from visually
identical letters used as simple variables. Likewise, the entities
&InvisibleTimes;, &InvisiblePlus;, &ApplyFunction;, and &InvisibleComma;
usually render invisibly but represent significant information.
These entities have distinct spoken renderings, may influence
visual linebreaking and spacing, and may effect the evaluation
or meaning of particular expressions. Accordingly, authors should
use these entities wherever they are applicable. For instance,
the expression represented visually as "f(x)" would usually be
spoken in English as "f of x" rather than just "f x". MathML
conveys this meaning by using the &ApplyFunction; operator after
the "f", which, in this case, can be aurally rendered as "of".

The examples in the document do not use the entity names.

For example in MathML3 "Examples"
the first example uses

<mo> &#x2061;<!--FUNCTION APPLICATION--> </mo>
instead of
<mo> &ApplyFunction; </mo>

Why even mention the entity names if they are not used
in the examples?

Perhaps a sentence should be inserted somewhere that states.

"Though the entities do have names, the Unicode numerical
representation should be used instead."

A brief explanation as to why should be included.

Perhaps the examples should be changed from:

numerical representation with Unicode name in comments
<mo> &#x2061;<!--FUNCTION APPLICATION--> </mo>
numerical representation with entity name in comments
<mo> &#x2061;<!-- &ApplyFunction; --> </mo>

in this way the entity names are used.

When HTML5 is released will it be OK to use only entity names?
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